dimland radio 2-11-17 show notes

A Dimland Radio Look At Sports 

Although my favorite game is baseball, I do also like football and last weekend was the NFL's biggest game: the Superbowl. Since I'm certain the MN Vikings will never again play in that big game, I never have much of a rooting interest in which team wins the game. Sometimes I might pull for a particular team, but most of the time I just want a good game. A game with plenty of offense and great plays. A close game, in which the teams are evenly matched and that either could win. Blow outs are boring.

After the first half and well into the third quarter, I thought this year's Superbowl was going to be a bore. I was happy for Atlanta, but the game would still have been anticlimactic.

However, the Atlanta Falcons were playing the New England Patriots. And hard to believe as it is, those Patriots managed to come from a 25 point difference to win in overtime. Insane!

I got that good game after all.

Speaking of baseball, which I did on the show, there's an experiment that MLB wants to try on the minor league level. In an effort to shorten games, they want to, in extra innings, place a runner on second base at the beginning of the inning. (Oh, boy! More bunts!) Extra inning games might get shorter, but that's not the cause of longer lasting games. Most games don't go to extra innings, but can still go for more than three hours. 

MLB is considering other options, but this one just seems dumb to me.

Pedantic Moment: An Explanation

One of the regular segments of my show is the Pedantic Moment. Last week I did one on a McDonalds McCafe TV ad. I was needled in the chat room that I needed to lighten up. It's just a commercial.

Well, yeah. A Pedantic Moment is called that for a reason: I'm being pedantic. Duh.

If I lighten up, I wouldn't have a segment for my show. And you try filling an hour each week.

An Example Of Fake News 

A Facebook friend posted a bit of fake news from a site called vaccines.com. The anti-vax site posted a triumphant article about how the Center for Disease Control and Prevention "admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot." Well, that's not exactly what happened.

I replied to my FB friend: 

This anti-vax site is an example of fake news. If you read the information in the screen capture from the CDC that the anti-vaxxers are so proud to have captured you would learn:

1) The CDC did not admit 98 million Americans were given the "cancer virus" via the polio shot. 98 million Americans received one or more doses of the polio vaccine between 1955-1963. Of those 98 million, 10 to 30 million could have received vaccine contaminated with SV40. 

2) SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey. And, although some research results conflict, the majority of the scientific evidence does not show SV40 to be cancer causing in humans. Quoting from that same page "...the majority of studies done in the US and Europe, which compare persons who received SV40-contaminated polio vaccine with those who did not, have shown no causal relationship between receipt of SV40-conaminted polio vaccine and cancer." 

3) This information is not gone from the CDC site. The information is still there, but it has been summarized as follows: 

"Some of the polio vaccine administered from 1955 to 1963 was contaminated with a virus called simian virus 40 (SV40). The virus came from the monkey kidney cells used to produce the vaccines. Once the contamination was discovered in the Salk inactivated polio vaccine in use at that time, the U.S. government established requirements for vaccine testing to verify that all new batches of the polio vaccine were free of SV40. Because of research done with SV40 in animal models, there was some concern that the virus could cause cancer. However, evidence suggests that SV40 has not caused cancer in humans." 


Judging by what the anti-vaxxer wrote, they hadn't read the information thoroughly before believing this to be some "grand admission" by the CDC. That was evident from the jump when they claimed all 98 million polio vaccine recipients got the contaminated vaccine. 

Vaccines.news is what fake news looks like.

Some True Crime Is Too Difficult To Listen To

I briefly talked about a podcast called Sword and Scale. It is a true crime podcast that the real monsters of the world are real. One particular story real monster was Luka Mignotta and what I heard on the show had me fast-fowarding because it was just too much. 

I think I'll talk more about this on next week's show. I didn't have time to get into it fully this time. 

Movie Recommendation: Dirty Harry (1971)

Yes, this is the classic tough, play-by-his-own-rules cop drama featuring one of Clint Eastwood's signature character and you've probably seen it. If you haven't, it's a very gritty and compelling film. If you have seen it, but it's been a while, I recommend watching it again.

I watched it again recently and I was struck by Andrew (Andy) Robinson's performance as the serial killer named Scorpio. He's so intense and his angelic face makes his demented need to kill and for fame even more distrubing. His plea that he has rights when suffering Harry's wrath is so creepy in one of the film's pivotal scenes.

Eastwood is solid, but Robinson steals the show.

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dimland radio 2-4-17 show notes

A Tale Of Two Schools

My wife and I have a thirteen year-old son and he'll be starting high school next fall. We've gone to two open houses for schools he might attend. One is the school he would be sent to automatically, the other is one he can choose to apply to attend.
The first school's open house, the school he is automatically set up to head to, was not perfectly executed, but they did a far better job at selling their school. They most of their staff in attendance wearing school colors. The principal was cognizant of the notion that we were taking time out of our busy lives, so he knew to move it along. They even had a parent talk about the virtues of the school. The school was also easier to navigate, but, if we needed help, it was easy to find someone because they were all wearing the school colors.
The second school's presentation was not as well organized. They started late, but the principal didn't seem to think it necessary to adjust the schedule or shorten her talk. A school counselor spent way too much time going over which districts were set to automatically accept students and which dfistricts would need to apply.
And the school was a maze. And old school, built of a hill, with a newer expansion built around it. One of the teachers said that, after 9 or 10 years there, he still gets confused from time to time. So, you would think there would be a map for visitors. Nope. Or staff and students in school colors abundantly available for information. Also, nope.
The worst part was when we found one of the classrooms for a session with the teacher to learn about the class, what it had to offer, what the teacher's expectations were, etc., the door was closed and locked. This is an open house. We had the right room. What gives?

Before we had even gotten to the locked room, our son stopped us and said, "I don't want to go here. I'd rather go to the other school." We did convince him to try one more session, but that was the locked room.
We've been told it is a good school, but we don't want to force our son to go there if he doesn't want to. Besides the first is also a good school and we think he'll be challenged and get a good education there.
The second school did have cookies, though.

Pedantic Moment: McDonalds McCafe Intern Ad

This moment of pedantry was prompted by the McDonalds TV ad for their McCafe coffee, mochas, and lattes. Put simply, the intern is sent on a coffee run. He returns with coffee and some change. He states that they give him "way too much money," but the change he hands back what looks like a reasonable amount to me.
Sure, that doesn't sound exciting. I make a bigger deal out of it on the show.
Ricky Gervais Does Well In Discussion On Atheism
Recently, comic/actor/writer Ricky Gervais appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert is a devout Catholic and Gervais is an atheist. As in the case with previous guest Bill Maher, Colbert challenged Gervais on his atheism.
When Maher was challenged there was plenty of snark on both sides. Gervais and Colbert were more respectful of each other and that seemed to me to work better when presenting the atheist view to a believer. Sure, snarkiness can have its place when played for uncomfortable laughs, but I think Gervais' method worked better.
Gervais pointed out that the talk show host himself didn't believe in a great number of gods, but that atheists just go one god more. He also argued, very well, that if all religious books were destroyed and rewritten a thousand years later, they wouldn't be written the same. Science books, on the other hand, would come back the same. The theory of gravity, of evolution, of germ-caused diseases, etc. would all come back the same. Maybe with some updates and refinements as science is always refining itself, but still essentially the same.
The Catholic admitted that was a really good argument.
10 points, Ricky!

Is It A Phone Scam Scam?

It's been in the news that there is a phone scam attempting to get people to say "yes" on the phone. Then that answer can be used to do nefarious things. What the alleged scammer does is ask, "Can you hear me?" The receiver answers "yes" which is recorded.
I shared an article warning of this scam, but a friend of mine questioned how the recorded "yes" could be used to any nefarious benefit. That got me curious to find out.
At this point, Snopes is saying the claim is unproven and they, too, question how this scam benefits the scammer.
So, is this really a scam? Perhaps. I would still advise that you hang up. You don't want to be dealing with telemarketers, anyway.
I did relate a story from a few years ago of an attempted phone scam at where I work. The scam was to get my company to pay a cancellation fee for the services which they claimed my boss wanted to discontinue. I was unaware we were getting whatever that service was, so I told them I needed to talk to my boss. I talked to my boss and we hadn't been getting their services. He'd never heard of them.
Invoices started to show up in the mail demanding payment. I thought I had somehow messed up and got the business on the hook, but my boss said to just ignore the invoices. At some point, a phone call came through (maybe more than one, I can't remember) demanding we pay up. I was told they had a recording of me acknowledging we owed the money.
I told them we weren't going to pay and that we knew they were a scam. I hung up on them and we haven't heard from them since.
Movie Recommendation (Documentary Series Edition): OJ: Made In America (2016)

ESPN Films
Even though I haven't finished watching it yet, I recommended this ESPN 30 For 30 documentary series on OJ Simpson to my listeners. It covers OJ's rise from poverty to football glory, both collegiate and professional. We learn about the civil rights movement that grew as Simpson's career flourished, and we learn how he didn't want to be thought of as the color of his skin and kept himself away from the movement.
It deals with civil unrest and the rioting in the aftermath of the four LAPD officers being acquitted for the beating of Rodney King and other civil rights abuses suffered by African Americans, while Simpson climbed the ladder of success. And, of course, there are the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and the "trial of the century."
It is a fascinating look at the man and at the history that surrounded him.
Be warned! In part four, the documentary reveals the crime scene photos. The camera looks full on at the damage Simpson was accused of doing. Very graphic!

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dimland radio 1-28-17 show notes

I Was A Baaaaaad Boy

This past Tuesday I was on my way to work and my impatience got the better of me. A fellow was making a left turn in front of me and I just couldn't be bothered to wait five seconds. I passed him on the shoulder.
I was immediately pulled over by a member of law enforcement and handed a ticket. Great. Well, I only have myself to blame.

Defending The Indefensible

No, my show wasn't taken over by some wild-eyed alt-right wing nut, but I did cut Pres. Trump a little slack. Not a lot, but I did cut some slack.
I understand why he thought there were so many people at his inauguration. I have seen photographic evidence that was taken, not exactly from his viewpoint, but quite close. From that angle it is very difficult to tell how much empty space there was. He only saw a sea of people.
I drew back a little of that slack when he and his press secretary continued to push the idea that there was a million plus in attendance. It's hard to refute the images taken from the Washington Monument from the back and far above the crowd. That image made it clear that there were far less people there than in 2009.
2009 on the right, 2017 on the left. The 2017 picture was taken with more time before the speech, so it filled in a bit more, but it's evident there were considerably less people there.
Source: CNN/PetaPixel
If you are like me, whenever you watch an old detective show with a technician working a miracle by enlarging a little blob in a photograph into a detailed image, you shout at the TV, "It doesn't work that way!" Well, thanks to science, there is now camera technology that can be zoomed in on and have amazing clarity. CNN used in on Inauguration Day.
It's this image that I saw that helped me understand why Pres. Trump thought the event was "yuge."

Taking One Item Off The List Of Appalling Behavior

In my continuing defense of the otherwise indefensible, I moved on to one of the most appalling examples of the appalling behavior of candidate Trump. Remember when he mocked a reporter by making fun of the fellow's disability? It was sickening. "What can't this guy get away with?" we all were thinking. And I was thinking it, too.
But, I've seen some video evidence of Mr. Trump making virtually the same gesture when talking about Ted Cruz, a general, the bankers, and himself. I can accept that the gesture, voice, and facial expression he made when he talked about that reporter, Serge Kovaleski, are the same as when he is showing someone to be flustered. I don't think he was mocking a disability, he was mocking a reporter who happened to have a disability.
Of all the objectionable ideas, attitudes, and behaviors of Pres. Trump I'm willing to cross this one off the list.
Watch this clip and see if you might agree with me.
It's Not True: Kellyanne Conway's Gucci Stewardess Outfit And Women's March Litter

Yes, I know "stewardess" is not the correct title, but the outfit looked as though it was from the 70s, so I used the term from that time. I also called it a sailor suit.
Anyway, it looked awful. We have now learned that Guicci and Armani (see Hillary Clinton's grossly over-priced jacket) are capable of designing crappy looking clothes. What's not true is that Gucci stole the design from an old dress pattern from the tackiest of all decades: the 1970s.

The image above is just some clever and well executed hoaxing. Someone found an old dress pattern package and altered the illustration on the front to make it look as though Gucci stole the design. Snopes quickly laid this one to rest. 
Lest you think I've gone all right wing on you, I did mention the image (above) of the Women's March picket signs all left on a sidewalk was not an example of littering. Much like the flowers that nearly buried the fence around Buckingham Palace after the death of Princess Diana, the signs were left as a message. Not a message of love is in the case of the dead Princess, but a message of protest toward America's new President. Those signs were left, on purpose, outside of Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. It wasn't the Women's Marchers not caring about the environment.
The Sucker Punch Cheered 'Round The World

I was rather disappointed by the reaction of some of my friends on the Left when video of white supremacist Richard Spencer getting sucker punched surfaced. Many were delighted. I understand the visceral enjoyment of such a moment, but this kind of action does not make things better.

Penn Jillette has said that the answer to bad speech is more speech. Sucker punching someone with whom you disagree does not help. It's behavior akin to terrorism - scare the shit out of someone spewing bad speech by making them fear physical harm and they might shut up.
Yay! Big victory for you. But what hearts and minds have you changed?

When people start punching they stop listening.

I compared that sucker punch to the punch doled out by Buzz Aldrin some years ago. Aldrin's punch was different. He was defending himself from a belligerent moon hoax conspiracy theorist. The nut was told to leave the second man to walk on the moon alone by both Aldrin and several other people in the vicinity. But the nut persisted and had Aldrin cornered.

The nut, who was taller, younger, and bigger than the former astronaut, was looming over Aldrin when he called Aldrin a liar and a coward. Buzz had had enough. He punched the nut in the face.

This was self-defense. The nut was repeatedly asked and told to leave Buzz Aldrin alone. Aldrin had tried to get away from the man. Finally, the tough old bird acted. There were no charges.

Aldrin was acting in self-defense. The cowardly anti-Trump protestor was attempting to shut up someone whose speech may be disagreeable, but is protected by the 1st Amendment. And I mean coward. The low level terroristic protestor's face was hidden and once he took Spencer off guard with that punch he ran away.

I was further disappointed by some of my Facebook friends, who enjoyed the punch, when they tried to justify it because they think it's OK to sucker punch Nazis. Well, kids, where does it stop? Who else is it OK to sucker punch? Who decides where to draw the line?

The 1st Amendment isn't there to just protect the speech we like. It's there to protect speech we don't like. It's there to protect the free exchange of ideas. If we start stopping ideas we don't like from being voiced, how long before you're the one with an idea that might be disliked?

A sucker punch wouldn't be so funny then, would it?
Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time this week, so you are on your own.

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