dimland radio 5-20-17 show notes

At Home With Monsters

Guillermo Del Toro and friend
The first segment was me praising the excellent art exhibit currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art - Guillermo Del Toro: At Home With Monsters. Del Toro is a filmmaker who has done pretty well and is able to afford an extensive collection of art of horror and the macabre. I mistakenly thought that everything on display was owned by him. Much of it was, but not all of it. Several pieces were part of the Institute's collection.

Be that as it may, it's fantastic!

There was art by Francis Bacon, Chris Mars, Mike Mignola, Edward Gorey, HR Giger, Richard Corben, and Bernie Wrightson, just to name a few. There were life-size figures (in wax?) of HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, characters from the film Freaks, the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth, and of a scene from The Bride of Frankenstein.
Photo source: University Chonicle
Somehow we in the Twin Cities got lucky enough to get this exhibit. It was first shown in Los Angeles and then it came here. Next it will head to Toronto and then it might go to Mexico. That's it. No stop in Chicago or New York. No European tour. From what I can find, there are no other stops for this exhibit. Of course, who knows what the future will bring? Although Del Toro has said no to further tour stops.
The exhibit will be in Minneapolis through May 28th. If you are in the Twin Cities before it leaves, I highly recommend checking it out. Be warned! Some of the items are quite disturbing and some of the video clips of Del Toro's film, which are shown on monitors throughout, are brutal in their depiction of violence.

Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Black Is A Color
Other pedants of the world will say black is not a color when talking about light, in which black is the absence of color. In pigment, it's the mixing of all colors. (I think.)
But, this pedant says black is a color and I use the 64 Crayola crayon set to prove it.
Wanna Know How To Lose An Argument Every Time?
A Facebook friend demonstrated the proper way to lose an argument every time, at least when it comes to religion. This friend stated, " In an attempt to shorten the argument about how I feel about religion, I came up with this: If you are religious, f@#k you!"

First of all, that's not even an argument. Perhaps he meant this as a way to stop an argument before it even starts. He's being asked about how he feels about religion. Using F U as an answer is just a little rude and it is self-defeating.

This made me think of that Heineken ad promoting the idea of having people with opposing views on social matters talk to each other over a beer. I think talking to each other is a good thing. It may not change anyone's mind , but maybe we understand each other a little better.

Of course, that conversation over beer could get out of hand, so drink and converse responsibly.

So He Knows Good Customer Service
A friend who is a business owner told me the other day that he and his partner were going to fire a longtime employee for not getting it. The employee was good a some things, but he would shirk as much as he could. He was beginning to poorly influence his coworkers. No matter how many times he received a talking to, his improved work and attitude just wouldn't last long. So, they decided it was time for him to go.
That reminded me of an office manager I used to work with. He made an art of shirking. He drove me nuts. I told a story that was the perfect example of the kind of worker he was and how his personal business took priority over all other business.
Movie Recommendation:The Devil's Backbone (2001)

Since I raved about Guillermo Del Toro's art exhibit, I thought it only fitting to recommend one of his films.
In a small, out of the way orphanage attempting to go unnoticed by the authorities during the Spanish Civil War there is a treasure hidden. A treasure of gold bars. A shifty hired hand attempts to find that treasure, while a ghost attempts to...
That might give it away.
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dimland radio 5-13-17 show notes

Technical Problem Forced Hiatus

The laptop needed a new hard drive, so I was unable to record the show. That put me on hiatus for a couple weeks. Fortunately, we still had some money from our tax refund and my wife has the know-how, so the laptop wasn't down for too long.
Dimland Radio ARGH!
You'd think the argh would be about the tech problems, but it's not.
This argh has to do with a couple of the podcasts that I listen to and extraneous noises. Noises that could be avoided with minimal effort. I realize that there are noises that occur on my show such as cars or motorcycles rumbling by or the occasional fireworks explosion, etc. But I do my best to prevent the noises I can prevent: shuffling paper, tapping, shifting the chair.
So, it really annoys me when I listen to a podcast, which is edited, mine is not, and there are noises that could be avoided. The one in particular that  gets under my skin is the sound of ice clinking in a glass. The sound made when a host is drinking an iced beverage.
There are two podcasts guilty of this. Both have two hosts and both, as I said, are edited. The editor must surely hear all that clinking being done by one host as the other is speaking, right?
Advice to podcasters: Do not drink iced beverages in glasses while recording your show. Your listeners can hear the clinking.

Dimland Radio Science Heroes: Steve Spears, Brad Williams, & Gayle From DC
Steve and Brad host the very popular podcast Stuck in the 80s. On a recent show, the topic of anti-vaxxers came up. The two hosts and their guest co-host, Gayle from DC, all voiced their disappointment with such anti-science sentiments. Brad's family was needlessly touched by the low herd immunity in large part caused by the anti-vax message: Vaccines cause autism. They do not!
Brad was willing to talk privately with listeners of the podcast who had their misgivings about vaccines. Steve was less accommodating.
The three of them are correct in their support of vaccination, quite probably the single greatest development in medical science.
Speaking Of Anti-Vax
Minneapolis currently finds itself the center of a measles outbreak. As of the recording of this show, there are more than confirmed 50 cases. This outbreak is mainly affecting the local Somali-American community, its children in particular, and has been reportedly linked to anti-vax sentiments.

Where anti-vaxxers go, vaccine preventable diseases follow.

Stephen Fry A Blasphemer?
Stephen Fry was almost a victim of some kind of new Inquisition. In 2009, the Irish government passed an anti-blasphemy law. It's intent was to protect minority religions in a predominantly Catholic country. But, I always bristle at the idea of limiting free speech.
In 2015, Fry was a guest on an Irish television show hosted by Gay Byrne. Byrne, an apparent believer in God and an afterlife, asked Fry, an outspoken atheist, what he would say to God, should it turn out Fry was wrong, when he arrived at the Pearly Gates.
"Bone cancer in children?" was part Fry's critical response. He went on to call God, if there is one, "capricious," "mean-spirited," and "stupid." This was greeted with a bit of eye-rolling on the part of the show's host.
It was also greeted with a formal complaint lodged by a viewer under the blasphemy law. What century is this?
Irish authorities began an investigation. The punishment is for those found guilty is a hefty fine. I suppose that is an improvement over burning at the stake.

The investigation was short-lived. The authorities cited the one complaint wasn't enough to warrant looking any further into the matter. So, Fry is off the hook.
Although the fellow who lodged the complaint loses points for doing so. He does get a few back for his reasonable response, "I did my civic duty in reporting it. The guards did their duty in investigating it. I am satisfied with the result."

The Mandela Effect And The JFK Assassination
In psychology it's called confabulation, people are so certain their misremembering of something that evidence to the contrary seems absolutely wrong. "They were called Berenstein Bears when I was a kid!" Actually, they were always the Berenstain Bears. Folks are just remembering it wrong.
Nelson Mandela did not die in prison, yet many people remember it that way. This, too, is confabulation, but it has led to the popular naming of the phenomenon as the Mandela Effect.
I, myself, have fallen victim to the Mandela Effect. In fact, it affected me during the show while I was trying to demonstrate that the last three words of Queen's 'We Are The Champions' are not "of the world." I had thought it was and it was so ingrained in my thinking that it came out wrong in my demonstration. I wish I could say I planned it, but I didn't. I'm glad I caught it right away, though.
The proper reaction to learning you have fallen victim to the Mandela Effect is, "Oh, that's what it is? I always though it was something else. I guess I was wrong." And then incorporate the correct information into your memory banks.
The incorrect reaction is, "Oh, wow! We must be connecting with a parallel universe in which the way we remember that thing happened that way." Or, "They are trying to change history!"
Paranormal believers and conspiracy theorists appear to react in those two ways, respectively.
For instance, memories of the JFK assassination seem to have some confabulating going on. People are discovering the car the President was shot in had three rows of seats and six people in it, not the two rows and four people as they remember it.
Three rows, six people. If you thought there were less rows and people, you were wrong.
This wrong memory seems to be due to reenactments, made over the years since the event, of the assassination using the wrong style of convertible. I can only guess as to why the wrong style was used. It may have been out of convenience or the exact car wasn't available. I don't think it's an effort to change our history.
It was always three rows and six people. We are just remembering it wrong.
This led me to finding out there is someone else on whom to place the blame for President Kennedy's murder. Of course, we should all know it was Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone who was responsible for the horrendous act; but, conspiracy theorists don't want to accept that explanation.

Nope. Oswald was a patsy, at most. The real person responsible, according to at least one conspiracy theorist, was Jackie Kennedy. That's right. She took the kill shot. It's so obvious when you slow the Zapruder film down and enlarge it. Jackie was mad at her husband for sleeping around and she decided to kill him in the most public way she could. But she didn't want to get caught, so she hid the handgun. Which you can see in the film...
Oh, I have got to be kidding!
Well, I'm not. That idea is out there. Way out there.
I won't to link to the conspiracy-mongering videos, but you can go to YouTube and search "Mandela Effect JFK assassination" and you should be able to find a couple videos discussing the ludicrous ideas. Be warned! The video about Jackie being the assassin spends four minutes repeatedly showing the President's head exploding.
Movie Recommendation: None
Too much other stuff to talk about, I didn't have time. You're on your own this week.
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dimland radio 4-22-17 show notes

My Wife Should Take Your Next Selfie

My wife is an artist and she has a particular talent for taking selfies. She's done many of them, but she doesn't show them off. She's barely shown me any, but what I have seen are brilliant. The images are well composed, hard to tell they are selfies, and she looks great in them.
The other day, she was in the bedroom taking a few selfies, when I came in to give her a little cuddle. I suggested she do a selfie of us. She snapped a few shots and below is the best of them.
Yep. It's a selfie.
I compared this picture of the two of us to the work of two photographers who worked with The Beatles very early on. Astrid Kerchherr, a photographer, was the girlfriend of Stuart Sutcliffe, an artist and very early member of The Beatles. He left the band to pursue his art. However, he died young of a brain aneurysm, the cause of which is unknown, but it is believed by some to have come from a head injury suffered in a fight after a gig with the band. Kerchherr was one of the first photographers to document the Fab Four (five in those days with Sutcliffe) in their period before Brian Epstein and Ringo Starr.
Kerchherr in a self portrait with Sutcliffe.
Robert Freeman is the photographer responsible for the photograph used on the cover of The Beatles' second album: With The Beatles (or Meet The Beatles for the American version). The black and white image of the four mop tops is iconic. I think the image my wife made of us is a kind of combination of both those two photographers' work.
The iconic cover by Freeman.
If you're considering doing a selfie, you should have my wife do it for you. Of course, she'll have to be in the picture with you.

Memorial Service For Ed

Two weeks ago I talked about the loss of a distant family member. Ed was just 44 years old, when cancer took his life. On this show, I talked about the Celebration of Life service, which was very well done and so very moving. Ed's friendship and loyalty and good nature really touched many people deeply.
I also made sure to mention the friends and family who have helped Ed and his wife Dawne through the final stages of his life. They really stepped up and went all out for Ed and Dawne. I was so impressed by their efforts.
United Airlines Had A Little PR Problem
Of course, you've all heard of the fellow forcibly removed from a NOT overbooked United flight. It was a full flight in which some customers had to eventually randomly "volunteer" to give up their seats to four United Airlines employees. One of the four passengers, David Dao, refused and we all know how that went. Dao has a pretty strong case against the airline.
United Airlines is changing their current policy that customer is always expendable. We'll see how that works out.
But, I started to go on a rant about the amateur video of the incident. I think two videos surfaced and were featured on the news and both were in the foul, disgusting, awful, sickening, disorienting, frustrating portrait (vertical) format! Yes, I started to rant, but I stopped myself. Listeners have heard this rant before and I realized that my beef isn't with the amateur videographers. (Well, some of it is. I mean, it's not that difficult to turn the smart device 90 degrees, so that the video is in landscape.)
My beef is with the designers of those smart devices. I know there are apps that people can use that formats video in landscape no matter what angle the camera is held. But, we shouldn't need an app. These devices ought to be set with video being in landscape by default. If a person wants to make in vertically formatted video (why would anyone want to?), they would need to change the default setting.
So, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and all the rest of you smart device designers...I'm talking to you. Get on it!

Alex Jones Is A Performance Artist?
Alex Jones, internet sensation whose syndicated radio show is on Z Talk Radio (check the show schedule page), is a apparently performance artist. This is according to his lawyer, who is trying to win a child custody battle for the false flag-claiming, conspiracy theorist, bag of hot air. So, does this mean Jones is full of shit? Well, we already know that.
But is he admitting it now? Well, not on his show, he isn't. Apparently, only in court.
Steer Clear Of Demonic Knick-Knacks
According to former New Age/Hindu dude turned Christian evangelizing YouTuber, Steven Bancarz, people should remove all demonic symbols from their houses. This includes crystals, tarot cards, and other fairly obvious items. But, your house should also be rid of any yoga related material: books, mats, videos, exercise equipment, and, I suppose, yoga pants. (Mmmmm yoga pants.) And all items that are related to Hinduism have to go, as well.

Why? Well, these items are all portals through which demons can move into your place of dwelling and mess with your life and, presumably, property values.

I have a demonic item in my house (probably a lot more than just one). My demon statuette stands on a shelf in the living room. So far, he's been an ideal guest. We don't even have to feed him.
Your show host and his demon.   
Talk About The Ten Commandments
I talked about both the 1956 classic film and the rules that Moses...er...God wrote. Well, neither of them wrote them, as the whole Exodus story never happened. There were no Hebrew slaves toiling away in Egypt, so there was no great purge of a massive labor force, no walking through the Red Sea, and no wandering around the wilderness for 40 years.
Be that as it may, there is a movie (more than one) of this nonexistent historical event. Cecil B DeMille's epic classic The Ten Commandments stars Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner, Yvonne DeCarlo, Ann Baxter, Edward G Robinson, and Vincent Price. The production, set design, and cinematography are beautiful. The music by Elmer Bernstein is powerful. And the special effects are pretty good for 1956.
The dialogue is...ridiculous! The way the characters talk in the film is so pretentious in its poetic nature. Every character is a poet, from Pharaoh on down to the slave walking straw into the mud pits to make bricks. It's so over the top and so not the way human beings talk.
I love it!
I mention a few of the more ridiculous moments in the film. Especially good, I think, is the reaction of a group of sisters when they see Moses sleeping in the bushes. "A MAN!"
I also talked about the Ten Commandments themselves. I noted the first four all pertain to God. That seems a bit needy to me. I suggested swapping three of those four out for the following:

Thou shalt not own slaves.
Thou shalt not rape.
Thou shalt not abuse children.
Those seem fairly obvious to me, but they didn't occur to God.
Movie Recommendation: The Ten Commandments (1956) & Secretary (2002)
What other movie could I recommend after having so much fun with it on the show? 
Weeeeellll, I did mention a little BDSMish film starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. This 2002 film is pretty saucy. I fondly recall a certain spanking scene. Now I'm not necessarily into that kind of thing, but the scene was rather...enjoyable. From what I hear, having not seen it myself, Secretary is far superior to that 50 Grey Shades movie.
So, depending on your mood, these could make for an interesting (and long) double feature.
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