"clever" designers must be stopped

Wanna see something truly awful? Something so ridiculous that it’s laughable? Wanna scratch your head and wonder to yourself, “What were they thinking?”

This is an example of cutesy design. The designer must have thought that it was fun and festive. “Isn’t it creative? Each letter is from a different font! Fantastic! Readablity be damned!”

It’s sooo cute.

Behold! The hideousness of…

Here’s another one that bothers me. Not so much for the design (bad drop shadow not withstanding), but for the loss of the silent “E”. I don’t think it’s all that clever dropping the “E”. After all, it changes the pronunciation of the word. Maybe I’m just being anal.

I don’t like it.

And another one…

It's the silent “E”, Stupid – Learn it! Know it! Use it!


  1. you know what else should be stopped? being in a wheelchair. it's just not that fashionable anymore.

  2. Oh, I get it. Wheelchairs and logos... No, wait. What?