a call for eagles

Apparently, the Peace At All Costs folks will be at it again on March 17, 2007. Taking to the Washington DC streets demanding that we lose the war against IslamicFascism. They believe that violence and war are not the answer. I'm pretty sure war was the answer to British oppression (American Revolution), slavery in America (American Civil War), Nazism & Imperilism in Europe & Japan (WW II), Iraqi aggression against Kuwait (1st Gulf War), and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia (Bill Clinton's war) just to name a few.

And it appears that some of the anti-war crowd believe that violence is the answer when they throw rocks at recruitment centers, deface war memorials, and spit on a disabled vet who dared speak out against their movement the last time they stormed DC. They also practice violence whenever conservatives or military recruiters come to their campuses. Along with the verbal violence hurled at those they perceive as undesirable, some of the peace-loving, non-violent people enjoy throwing eggs and pies. Always a good way to win a debate.

A call has been sent out for a countering of the Peace At All Costs event. It's called a Gathering of Eagles. Mostly made up of vets who want to protect the recruitment centers and monuments from attack by these "peaceful" people. They also want to protect those who come to speak against those who would have us living under sharia law if that would mean we'd be at peace. (Hey, Susan Sarandon! Have you converted to Islam and been fitted for your burka yet? Are you ready to become Tim Robbins' property? That's what the terrorists want you to do. Well, that or die. You're just a useful idiot to them.)

I'd like to be able to stand with these Eagles, but I can't. I can't afford the trip nor the loss of work. I feel badly about this, but I have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed. It seems to me that these peace activists have protesting as a job. That they have all the time in the world, while most of us in the silent majority have to work. It seems as though the anti-warriors are the new Deadheads.

So, what I can do is spread the word. Hopefully there are thousands out there who can make the trip. Go to www.gatheringofeagles.org There you will find information about what you can do.

Thanks to our military men and women and their families. It's your sacrifices that keep all of us free. Even those who spit at you.

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