pure genius

Every now and then, something so earth-shatteringly brilliant comes along and changes everything.
This is might not be one of those things, but I think it's pretty cool. It's a drawing done by my son. He's just over 3 and a half years-old. This is probably just proud parent talk, but my wife and I agree that this is genius. And we would know.
Hayden has titled this drawing, "Two holes on a house". Sheer poetry.

My wife has set up a CafePress store for our boy. It features this drawing on shirts. There will likely be other products offered soon. His store is called 'The Hayden James Project' and you can get to it by clicking www.cafepress.com/hjf or www.cafepress.com/mydisgustingart/2806702 (The second link offers a wider garment color selection.)

Go there and buy a dozen! Or just one, if you're a cheap bastard who doesn't want my son to go to college. Or eat.

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