hey, would you like to buy a monkey?

In 1965, you could buy a live spider monkey for only $18.95 through the mail. Was that a good idea? I know the ad states that a spider monkey can make "an adorable pet and companion", but a monkey? As always you shouldn't believe everything you see in advertising.

The ad guarantees a live delivery. Along with the monkey you'll get a free cage, a free leather collar and leash, a free monkey toy and monkey care instructions. I have my doubts as to how good those instructions are, because the ad tells us that spider monkeys eat the same food we do, even lollipops! A staple of any primate's diet.

I wonder how many kids scraped up the $18.95 and purchased a "darling live pet monkey" through this ad in the back of a comic book. Without informing Mom and Dad. Must have been a pleasant surprise.

And live seahorses! A buck apiece! What a bargain!

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