another quick one

These images are awfully small, but I think you'll get the idea. They're both from those internet ads that appear along the side of various website pages; usually next to the dancing people, mortgage refinancing ads. I'm sure you've seen them.

The first one is from an ad for some home security system. I just love the image. "'Tis a good thing we be having yon burglar alarm, me hearties. We doesn't want to be invaded by Cap'n Hook!"

The second is from a mortgage refinancing ad, however this fellow ain't dancin'. My guess is the fellow shown is supposed to be an average person, but what the hell?! I mean no offense to the man, but surely the ad agency that put that ad together could have found a better picture. This guy looks more like one of those facial reconstructions that forensic artists sculpt to help identify human remains. Maybe that's the thing the designers wanted - some strange image to get our attention.

Still. Yeesh.

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