dimland radio 8-14-10 show notes

This, my 23rd edition of Dimland Radio really had a full chat room. That is if you consider two people a full chat room. Oh, well. The show must go on...

Cold open: The number 23!

I started with another cold open in which I mentioned this show was number 23 for me. The number 23 is thought to have some metaphysical qualities. I, of course, don't accept that for a second, but I told how a friend of mine spread the 23 virus to me and, for a time, I started seeing 23s everywhere I looked. So it seemed anyway.

I did give a few examples of how the number 23 would frequently show up in movies, TV shows and other places, showing someone had chosen to use that number. Interesting if not earth-shattering.

In Search Of... Again

This week I returned to one of last week's topics, the original paranormal weekly TV program, 'In Search Of...' I didn't get to really explore why I love the show so much and still do, so I figured I talk about it again. This time I talked a bit about the UFO episode, as well as how cool the music for the show was and how perfect Leonard Nimoy was for the host.

It's Not True

Have you seen her? She's the gal who dramatically quit her job by sending a series of pictures of herself holding a dry erase board detailing her resaons for quitting and getting the last laugh on her boss. It's pretty funny, but it's not true.

See the original post here and the hoax revealed here.

Lazy co-worker update

Last week's ultimate story of a former co-worker who made me crazy with his poor work ethic was ruined when I had to disclose that he had what was a possible brain tumor. Well, the update is that whatever it was wasn't cancerous and was removed successfully. It appears he'll be ok, so that means I'll be able to tell more stories of his aggravating ineptitude. Yay!

At The Movies comes to an end

Ok, it's not the end of the world, but Saturday, 8-14-10, marked the end of the 35 year institution known as 'At The Movies'. Started on PBS (then titled 'Sneak Previews') in 1975, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert created the movie review show that has never been topped. I started watching Siskel and Ebert in the late 70s and the weekly show quickly became the only show I could not miss for the next 30 plus years.

All good things must come to an end.

Movie recommendation

Sure, I could say that the reason I had no movie recommendation this week was to honor the ending of 'At The Movies'. The truth is, I just ran out of time. I had a movie picked out, but it will have to wait until next week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me' by Rosanne Cash & 'I Wanna Destroy You' by The Soft Boys
Second ad break bumpers: 'l Remember' by Naked Raygun & 'I Against I' by Bad Brains
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

That's it! See you next Saturday night for Dimland Radio 11 Central, midnight Eastern on www.ztalkradio.com You can also download my show from the Z Talk Show Archives page. You can email your questions and comments to drdim@dimland.com

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