dimland radio 11-27-10 show notes

A rocky start because of server issues, but I did get underway.

Winter Solstice Tree

Not our tree, ours looks better.

I know this may sound odd coming from an atheist such as myself, but my son and I put up our winter solstice tree (Christmas if you insist). Believe it or don't, we do celebrate Christmas in our household. We keep it secular. There are no angels on our tree, but are several Star Trek characters. There is no Jesus either, but there is an Elvis ornament and that's close.

The Griggs Mansion of St. Paul, MN is not haunted

The Griggs Mansion

My wife pointed out a piece in the East Side Review detailing how an old supposedly haunted mansion in town is, in fact, not haunted. That's according to the family who had lived in the mansion for 27 years. Oh, sure, it's listed as a most haunted place in the Twin Cities, but I'll take the word of the family who has lived there for nearly three decades.

You can read the article here.

It's Not True: The Cottingley Fairies

Hey, the paper cutouts are a little lower. Where are you looking?

Inspired by another article found in the paper by my wife (an obituary, actually), I related the tale of the inadvertent word-wide and long-enduring hoax of the Cottingley Fairies. In 1917, cousins Frances Griffith and Elsie Wright attempted to prank their parents with pictures of the fairies they claimed to have been playing with in the glen on their family property.

The family didn't bite, but there were those who did. Most notably Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. For 60 years the hoax persisted, until Geoffrey Crawley, an expert in photography (among other things) had explained in 1983 how the hoax was carried out. And finally, the girls themselves, much later in life, confessed to the hoax.

Still there are people who will believe. Aren't there always?

I look at the photos and find it hard to believe anyone thought the fairies were anything but paper cutouts. You can read all about the hoax here and read Geoffrey Crawley's obituary here.

What? First Christmas, now songs with a Christian theme?

Shocking, I know. But it's true. I do like some songs that have a strong religious tone. To me art is art and if I like it, I like it. It doesn't matter if I agree with the message. I like catchy tunes and I mentioned a few on the show. I'll link them below...

Earn Enough For Us - XTC (This song was written by Andy Partridge, an atheist, who also wrote Dear God)

Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good - Don Williams

The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2

On Eagle's WIngs - Fr. Michael Joncas

The last song is the most overtly religious song on the list. I do like it, mainly because the priest who wrote it and sang it originally was my priest many, many years ago. I couldn't find a link to his version ( the one I prefer), but you can hear a sample of and buy it on iTunes.

I also mentioned Pete Townshend's Let My Love Open The Door. A song Pete intended the door opening love to be God's love, but most listeners thought it to be the more mundane boy loves girl theme.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'If Hollywood Don't Need You' by Don Williams & 'But I'm Different Now' by The Jam
Second ad break bumpers: 'Cheeking Tongues' by Wire & 'Next Position Please' by Cheap Trick
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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