dimland radio 1-1-11 show notes

Cold Open: Unintended

So I was off for several weeks. Yep, three weeks with no Dimland Radio! How did you get along? I explained I was off because I was a bit naughty in the chat room, not on my show. I said something really stupid in an attempt at a stream of consciousness joke thing. It wasn't funny nor was it well thought out. Z Talk felt that I should step down until the first of the year. So that's why I was gone.

Happy New Year!

I took the opportunity to reveal my yearly made (and kept!) resolution. Each year I resolve to live until the next year. So far I've kept that resolution.

I even delved into the world of acting as I considered the time when I will eventually break that resolution. Or, more accurately, the way I might be able keep the resolution, but then not make a new one. Oh, how dramatic it was.

Christmas & Atheists
George Hrab

I do celebrate Chritmas. But I keep mine secular. Another atheist who celebrates the day is George Hrab, musician/singer/songwriter/podcaster/humorist/skeptic/atheist. George has written a song detailing his view on Christmas. It's called 'I Don't Believe In Christmas'.

You can check out the video for the song here and if you like the song email George - geo@geologicrecords.net - and he'll send you a free mp3. Tell him Dimland Radio sent you.

Christmas Gift Received

My wife gave me four books this year. Three were of a skeptical nature and the fourth was about the stories beheind each of The Beatles' songs.

The skeptical titles were as follows:

Martin Gardner's 'Fad & Fallicies in the Name of Science'

Philip Plait's 'Bad Astronomy'

Benjanmin Radford's 'Sciencetific Paranormal Investigation'

Yay! Australia!

It's just a silicone band! It doesn't do anything!

Australia's government saw through the BS that is the Power Balance wristband. The producers of this highly overpriced ($30 a pop!) yet worthless item were instructed to cease their claims of increased balance, flexibilty and strength AND to refund all money to any customer who had felt duped by their bogus claims.

Attaboy, Australia!

Read more about it here.

Movie Recommendation: True Grit (1969)

Because the much anticpated (by me at least) Coen brothers' remake is in theaters now, I thought I'd recommend the original starring John Wayne. From what I heard the story's the same but the tone is very different. The original is very entertaining and well worth watching.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'Wake Up' by XTC & 'Jimmie Jones' by The Vapors
Second ad break bumpers: 'You'll Have to Go Sideways' by The Soft Boys & 'Mea Culpa' by Brian Eno/David Byrne
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

That's it! see you next Saturday night for Dimland Radio 11 Central, midnight Eastern on www.ztalkradio.com you can also download my show from the z talk show archives page. You can email your questions and comments to drdim@dimland.com

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