dimland radio 6-18-11 show notes

No Oil On The Dipstick, That Can't Be Good

Yep, the Friday before the Friday before this show we discovered that our car was low on oil. Two quarts low! And during the panic of figuring out what to do
, I dropped the F-bomb in front of my seven year-old son. It's quite a tale.

Last Week's Guest Benjamin Radford: A Clarification

Skeptic, Scientific Paranormal Investigator: Benjamin Radford

My interview with Ben Radford raised a couple objections from a listener. I took some time to address the objections and replay the segment to be sure to clarify what was said. If people still object after I addressed it, I did what I could and stand by what we said.

You can learn more about Benjamin Radford here.

Project Alpha

Project Alpha members: Banachek, Edwards & Randi

I took some time to review James Randi's Project Alpha. Project Alpha involved sending two young magicians pretending to be psi extraordinaires to be tested by scientists. The two young fellows (Banachek and Michael Edwards) had the scientists completely fooled.

Yep, believe it or don't but well-educated, serious scientists can be fooled. Get more details here.

Jesus Changes Woman's DNA!

"Man! I'm tellin' ya! If you believe in him, Jesus will change your DNA! You can believe me...I have tattoos."

I ran across this video on the YouTube. It features the cool, rock'n'roll preacher, Damon Thompson, doing his preachy thing in front of an audience young people. He lays on a doozey of a tale. He relates an anecdote of an Oklahoma woman having been busted for a crime with DNA evidence and how the authorities were going to use a second grab of her DNA to get her for another crime. However, between DNA extractions she was saved by Jesus and he changed her DNA! Apparently, god wants this woman to get away with committing crime.

Of course the entire tale is anecdotal, Thompson expects his flocks to just take him at his word. He doesn't even name the woman and he doesn't give the name of his follower who told him the story. This is not good evidence for the power of god.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Der Komissar' by Falco & 'All Those Years Ago' by George Harrison
Second ad break bumpers: 'Precious' by The Jam & 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good' by Don Williams
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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