dimland radio 9-10-11 show notes

My Son's Back To School

My son started the third grade this week and, hopefully, he won't be sick before the end of next week.

News Item: Man Chops Off Own Hand

It's not exactly a new story (it was new in 2008) about a fellow suffering from the delusion that his hand carried the "mark of the beast," so he cut off his own hand and microwaved it. I'm sure that made God proud.

Read the story here.

News Item: "Fortune Tellers" Charged In $40Million Scam

Apparently several "fortune tellers" had been busted in Florida for fleecing people out of $40million. They would convince their clients that bad things (disease, financial hardship, etc.) would befall them unless these "soothsayers" cleansed their clients' money. Well, they certainly cleansed their clients of their money. Let's hope justice is done.

Read the story here.

A Rant: Celtic Thunder And Lip-syncing

Feet apart, backs straight, arms to the side, look to some distant point, be dramatic. Ok, now pretend to sing!

I ranted about Celtic Thunder, Celtic Women, and the O
smonds specials on PBS. The whole concept of the Celtic shows bugs me, but the fact that they all lip-sync their songs that is really wrong.

You can read my blog about it here.

Fox News Poll: Most Believe In Power Of Prayer And Creationism

I talked at length about a Fox News poll and went into a bit of a rant about faith healers and speaking in tongues. I mention the creepy Robert Tilton and his peculiar "talent" of speaking in tongues. It sounds more like baby talk to me.

Robert Tilton: Jesus wants you to send him money.

I also talked a little bit about the fact of evolution.

Read about the Fox News poll here.

Some 9/11 Talk

It's the 10th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. I talked (again) about the conspiracy theories being misguided and wrong. Sure, I'm not that skeptical of the mainstream view of the events, but that's because the science bears up that view. It wasn't an inside job.

Here's a video clip giving the actual and simple reasons for the collapse of WTC 7.

I also thanked the people, government agencies and military for, thus far, keeping us free of any further terrorist attack on our soil for the past ten years. You should thank them too and put out your flag.

Movie Recommendation: Live And Let Die (1973)

First film with Roger Moore as James Bond. First Bond film I saw in the theater. First Bond film my son Hayden has seen. The Bond film with the best theme song of any of the films (Live And Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings).

Sure, Sean Connery is the real Bond, but Moore is pretty good for a few films anyway. And this one is pretty good, as good as or better than the last couple Connery 007 films. At least, I think so.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Four Engines Burning (Over The USA)' by The Screaming Blue Messiahs & 'The Beat(en) Generation' by The The
Second ad break bumpers: 'Tantalized' by The Church & 'Twist' by Tones On Tail
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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