dimland radio 1-7-12 show notes

Cold Open: Internet Know-It-All

Ain't it the truth.

Whenever you venture out on the intertubes you run the risk of encountering someone who thinks they're smarter than you and has better interwebs skills. This was my story of a brush with internet greatness.

Spilt Beer Show Recap

No! I can't look at it! The tragedy!

A quick recap of the beer spilling incident at the top of m
y last regular show dated 12-17-11. And as long as I was reviewing that show I took the opportunity to point out...

It's Not True

Alas, but no.

As hard to believe as it may be, I made a mistake on my 12-17-11 show. I know! Right?!

I told the story of TV signals beamed out into space being bounced back to Earth. Those signals were of old television programs including lost episodes of Dr. Who. I was so geeked about the idea of the recovery of Dr. Who episodes that I didn't vet the story well enough before running with it on my show.

After that show and after I finished cleaning the spilled beer, I tried to find a follow-up to the story that originally came out in 2009. What I found was an admonishment to check the date of the story more closely.

The date was April 1, 2009. Oh, brother! I got caught by a nearly three year old April Fool's joke. Silly me.

Side Show Tricks To Part You From Your Money

"Ok, now that you're wearing the magic magnets in your shoes, the spiritually charged crystal around your neck, and have the picture of Deepak Chopra in your pocket, I shouldn't be able to knock you off balance."

Channel-surfing the other night had me stumbling across so
me trickeration being used in an infomercial. The 30 minute ad was for custom-made shoe insoles by the good people at Good Feet. It was the applied kinesiology trick being used to convince celebrity host, Emmitt Smith, of the seemingly magical ability to help him keep his balance.

Of course, you know applied kinesiology is merely a trick using a person's center of gravity to give the illusion of better balance. You don't? Well, friend, go here and see what is really happening.

I will say that the insole may well help with multiple forms of pain as claimed, but with using this trick makes me wonder. It should make you wonder, too.

James Bond, My Son, And Me

"Oh, James! James! Please hurry up with that bad guy! We can't wait much longer!"

My son, Hayden, and I have been watching a few of the James B
ond films via the Netflix (we love Netflix). My wife and I have found ourselves explaining that the Bond movies weren't always the best examples of how to treat women.

A Couple New Year's Items

I told of the New Year's resolution I make each year. It's the same every time and so far I've kept it every year. I always resolve to live long enough to see the next year. One of these years (hopefully not soon) I won't keep it.

Cee Lo Green: Attempting to imagine no possessions.

I also talked about singer Cee Lo Green messing with the lyrics of John Lennon's Imagine. No, no, no! You don't mess with any of The Beatles' or John Lennon's material. Beatles/Lennon fans heaped rebukes on Cee Lo for his changing the line "and no religion too" to "and all religion's true."

For shame, Cee Lo! If you don't like the lyric, sing a different song!

Movie Recommendation: The Adventures Of Tintin

Best new movie I've seen in 2011!

Do you like Raiders Of The Lost Ark? Do you like Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Search For An Ice Cream Swirl? Do you like computer animated features? Then you will like The Adventures Of Tintin. It is fantastic! I mean it! Go see it! Now! Right now! Why are you still sitting there?! Get going!!

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Into Your Hands' by The Church & 'Bonzo Goes To Bitburg' by Ramones
Second ad break bumpers: 'Love Vigilantes' by New Order & 'Metastasis' by Naked Raygun
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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