dimland radio 7-21-12 show notes

Only A Janitor Would Notice...

While watching an old episode of Law & Order, I noticed something peculiar about the vacuum cleaners being used by a couple janitors at the beginning of the show.  Thanks to my extensive background in janitorial, I could tell, although I could hear the vacuums running, the janitors didn't have their machine's turned on.  For shame!
Limbaugh V Bane
Collectors of Batman comic books are likely to recognize that Rush hadn't done his research when he tried to connect the latest Batman film villain to a Hollywood liberal attack on Gov. Mitt Romney.  You see, Romney got super-rich from his years at Bain Capital and Bane is the name of the villain in The Dark Knight Rises.  See?  Obvious, isn't it?

Trouble is the character Bane was introduced into the Batman comic books in 1992 or 93.  And the character was created by conservatives, Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, as part of a storyline that lead to Bane breaking Batman's back thereby putting Batman out of commission for a time.  He got better.
Read about Rush's stretching act here.
More Gun Violence

I couldn't talk about the Batman movie without mentioning the horrific event in Aurora, Colorado.  It's terribly sad and scary, but remember with all the guns available in the world, these acts of terror are very rare.  That's no comfort to those touched by this mad act, but a reminder to you to not live in fear.

TMT: Le Roy, NY "Mystery" Illness And Hypnotist

Chris Brown and I do a follow-up talk on that "mysterious" illness affecting several teenaged girls and one boy in a small New York town.  The results of more environmental testing has confirmed it is not a toxin making those kids act strangely.  Here is an extensive piece by Dr. Steven Novella on the case.
Chris and I also touched on the trickiness of hypnotism and recovered memories.
A Tale To Weird You Out

I detailed a tale of weirdness in my past involving a chiropractor.  A tale of back cracking, animal self-pleasuring, and my naked mother.  So, weird.

Movie Recommendation: The People Vs George Lucas (2010)

  Exhibit A Pictures/Quark Films

In 1977, George Lucas introduced us to a world that changed many of us in an immensely profound way.  And then he went and messed it all up.  Or did he?  This documentary explores the phenomena from the view of the fans and George himself.  Very compelling.

Music heard on the show (Whenever Possible, I Will Link To The Song)...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'YYZ' by Rush & 'Diane' by Husker Du
Second ad break bumpers: 'Soldier's Requiem' by Naked Raygun & 'Here It Is Tomorrow' by Game Theory
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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