dimland radio 9-22-12 show notes

A Drop By The Corrections Department

Ok, so I goofed last week.  So, I kept calling Lt. Uhura "Uhuroo."  So, I'm human.

Vincent And The Doctor

A moment I wish could be made real.

My son has been rewatching Doctor Who lately and earlier in the day he watched the Matt Smith Doctor episode entitled 'Vincent and the Doctor.'  Most of the episode is a monster chase with some excellent shots recreating the settings of some of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.  It was an otherwise average story, but it elevated to greatness when the Doctor, being a time traveler, was able to do something special for the tormented artist.  In a chills producing moment, Van Gogh was able to hear the praise he never received in his lifetime.  Spoilers, sorry.

Jesus Said, "My Wife"

So, some scrap of old papyrus with ancient Coptic writing on it was translated to read that Jesus uttered the words, "My wife" to his followers.  Apparently, this is a controversial notion that has some folks who believe the Bible, which is also based on ancient writings, acting skeptically.  Really?  Some ancient text suggests something they don't accept and they're skeptics, but had it reenforced the loaves and fishes story, for instance, how skeptical do you think they'd be about that?  Oh, the irony!

Here's more on this story.

The 5%

I read a Facebook post written by fellow ZTalker, Joe Couto.  Joe was having a thoughtful moment the other day.  He suggested that when paranormal "investigators" have an experience they can't readily explain they should pause and give some thought to what might actually have happened before posting on the internet.  I applaud Joe's thinking and am glad he advocates thinking first and posting later, even if that thinking might be less critical than I would like.

Joe's post got my friend and follow skeptic, Chris Brown, and me talking about what we call the 5%.  That's the small percentage of paranormal claims that don't seem to have a natural explanation to which believers in the paranormal cling.  They hope for the elusive proof to be found in that 5%, but skeptics look at that 5% as what it is - unexplained.

Talk About Hubris!

There!  Fixed it.

Hubris, thy name is Cecilia Gimenez.  Who is that?  She's the elderly woman who thought she could repair the fresco depicting Jesus (see above).  Yeah!  Her!  Well, as if it wasn't hubris enough to do the initial act, when the church started bringing in money from tourists eager to see her handiwork, she's decided she wants a piece of the action.  Sure, she wants it for charity, but still.  Hubris!

Read more about this here.

My The Voice Moment

As this unrest in the Middle East and in other corners of the Muslim world over a poorly produced film continues, I said I would like to hear a voice from the Muslim world speaking out against the insanity of burning flags, embassies, and killing innocents.  Well, I found one.  I like what he has to say.

Watch this young Muslim scholar's take on the uproar here.
Movie Recommendation: Monty Python's Life Of Brian (1979)

Homemade Films

This 1979 film was controversial in its day.  There were protests, calls for boycotts, debates, and a general feeling of being insulted, but no buildings were burned, no one was killed, and none of the Pythoners needed to go into hiding.  Interesting, isn't it?  And the film is brilliant and very funny to boot. 

Music heard on the show (Whenever Possible, I Will Link To The Song)...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Ivo' by Cocteau Twins & 'Subdivisons' by Rush
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Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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