dimland radio 8-31-13 show notes

Wither The Weather

Summer has come back.  After a long stretch of cooler weather, the heat and humidity came on back and it was yucky.  That's a technical term.

Twerking And What's Her Name

I made the point that the awful, awful song 'Achy Breaky Heart' has a lot to answer for.  Most recently the rise of Molly Ray Cyrus and that whole VMA twerking thing.  Was she even twerking?  And what's with the tongue?

Never Found In The 80s: Hunters & Collectors

This group was mostly an Australian phenomenon, but I did find them and saw them in concert.  They were a very entertaining.
And I was very excited when Dr. Rachie liked and commented on my sharing the link on Facebook.  That was so cool!

Click here to find out more about Hunters & Collectors.

Indian "Fire Baby": Spontaneous Human Combustion Or Abuse

Can you guess which way I'd answer that?

It was reported that a three month old baby in India has spontaneously set itself on fire FOUR times!  What the f...!!  It was seriously reported that the baby was excreting a gas that was catching fire.  Right.

To be clear, that's not what was happening!  It's far more likely that someone else was burning this child  And, thankfully, the medical authorities also realized something was up and petitioned to get the police involved and to prevent further injury to the little one.
Here are some links to get more info: initial reports here and here, the straight dope on spontaneous human combustion here, and possible explanation of why this child is being injured here.

Think Bear Not Bigfoot

There's another image of a purported bigfoot spreading across the internets.  The image was taken by a trail camera and shows what is probably a bear scratching at a tree stump.  Yawn.

Social Attitude Test

Not sure how scientific this test is, but did get fairly close to my social and political attitudes.  Click here to take the test yourself.

Movie Recommendation: The Fugitive (1993)
Warner Bros.
This movie was a pleasant surprise when it came out.  I had seen the advertising for it prior to release and I thought Hollywood had truly run out of ideas.  But it was getting rave reviews and it deserved them!  Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones play their parts intelligently and completely believably.  If you haven't seen it - check it out!  If you have, why not watch it again?  It's entertainment at its best.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Seen And Not Seen' by Talking Heads & 'Say Goodbye' by Hunters & Collectors
Second ad break bumpers: 'All That Jazz' by Echo & The Bunnymen & 'Kiss Off' by Violent Femmes
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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