dimland radio 2-22-14 show notes

It's All Just Numbering

I started off letting everyone know that, because of the music shows I've done over the past four years, the numbering of my shows had become inaccurate. So, I went through all the archived shows and renumbered them. That means instead of this show being show 199 it is 176.

I guess getting to show 200 will take a little longer.

Snaking The Drain

No, that's not some kind of euphemism for some sex act. It's what my dad and I had to do in order to unclog the main floor drain in the basement. We got the drain open, but it involved a power snake, 100 feet of cable, lots of pushing and pulling, a bit of swearing, plenty of torn out roots, and hands covered in grease and feces. I really should have worn gloves.

Another Reason I Hate Local TV News
I need to compile a list of reason I hate local TV news shows. Perhaps, some day, I will, but in the meantime, here's another reason:
On the morning news, what bugs me is the practice of sending a reporter out in the news van to drive through traffic during a snow storm. For some reason, the local news station thinks we need to get live reports from the highway system around the Twin Cities telling us that traffic is slow and the roads are slippery.

Well, no feces, Sherlock!

Do we really need to have one more vehicle out the roads to get us that information? I think not.

Ok, This Winter Can End Now
It's pretty common in the winter climes for people to be ready for spring at some point in February and we arrived at that point, I'd say, the first week of January. That's how annoying this winter has been.

I related the saga of getting my father-in-law to a doctor's appointment and the winter that doesn't want that to happen. I blogged about it earlier in the week. You can find the blog here.

Were They Really Avoiding It Like The Black Plague?
Apparently, on a recent episode of Jeopardy, the college kid contestants "avoided" the category of African American History until there was no other choice. Writer Lindy West of Jezebel.com thought this was some kind of sign of soft racism, I guess. She wrote the contestants avoided the topic like the "black plague" during the Double Jeopardy round.

Well, she included a video link that was the entire program, so we could watch this shameful avoidance of an uncomfortable topic. However, in the Jeopardy round the kids also avoided the category "'U. S.' Eh" until it too was the last option. Are we to assume these college kids were avoiding words that start with the letters U and S like the black plague?

I think this is an example of taking insult where none is given.
Ms West in writing her piece about finding insult where none existed also committed an error that set of my pedantry alarm. She wrote, "LOLOLLLOLLOLLOOOOLOLOLOL".

That translates to, "Laugh out loud out loud loud loud out loud loud out loud loud out out out out loud out loud out loud out loud." For shame, Lindy, if you intend to show over the top endless laughter simply write, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha."
Red Flags And Items On Facebook
My good friend, former Z Talker, and thorn in my side, Kale Kelly likes to share questionable things on Facebook and I like pointing out how those items are probably not true.
Looks Photoshopped to me, but I could be wrong.

One such story Kale shared was of a badly deformed baby borne of a younger couple who were in an accidental incestuous relationship. They were twins whose mother was in prison when she gave them birth after which they were separated and adopted out. Through unusual but innocent circumstances the siblings met later in life, not realizing they were brother and sister, fell in love and made a baby. That baby was so hideously deformed that an investigation was made and it was discovered the younger couple were siblings.

So gross and sickening, ain't it? Well, it's probably total BS. There were several red flags. First the story came from an obscure website, not a legit news site. And there were no source citations. And all links on the page were to advertisements (this is why I'm not linking to the page, I don't want to fill your computer with malware). And there is no "Wisconsin State Woman's (sic - that's how it was spelled in the article) Correctional Facility" at which the article claims the mother of the twins is imprisoned. And the kind of birth defects we see in the picture aren't likely to happen in one generation of inbreeding. And the mutant baby picture appears to had been created or enhanced in Photoshop, especially the squid eye. And, finally, the picture alleged to by the incestuous couple is a stock photo of a young couple that has shown up on several other websites unrelated to the accidental incest story.
Stock photo that shows up on several unrelated websites.

Here are a few of the websites on which the picture of the couple shows up: SodaHead, Life With Lauren, Sam's Online Journal, OMGTens, Dating Advice From A Girl... I think you get my point. The image is obviously a stock photo.

There, as I said to Kale in the comment thread on his posting, did I do enough of "my own research"?
Movie Recommendation (a two fer): The Bat (1926) & The Bat Whispers (1930)
1926 version United Artists
1930 version United Artists
My friend Kitty Mervine has blogged about these two movies which are entertaining, funny, and creepy. They are also major influences on a young Bob Kane. Bob Kane would draw inspiration from these movies to create the greatest comic book superhero, Batman. Both are available on YouTube. The Bat is a silent film and its YouTube video is absolutely silent, so you may want to play some creepy music while viewing it. Both are intriguing and worth watching. Otherwise, I wouldn't be recommending them, would I?

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'All Those Years Ago' by George Harrison & 'Love Vigilantes' by New Order
Second ad break bumpers: 'The Tide Is High' by Blondie & 'Subdivisions' by Rush
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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