dimland radio 5-24-14 show notes

 It's Live Show! Again!

As was the case with last week's show, I had another very busy week and couldn't prerecord my show, so live it was one more time. Maybe next week I'll return to prerecording my show. Tune in.

Struck A Chord
10 points to the person who came up with this one.
I wish I cold say I created the above meme, but I spotted it and thought it was brilliant. I had to share it on the Dimland Radio Facebook page. I do a lot of sharing of skeptical or science items on that page. It's just part of Dimland's public service.
Facebook let's me know how many people are seeing and sharing the items I post on that page. Most of the time, the numbers of shares and views is rather modest. Once in a while, a posting might get views in the low thousands, but that's fairly rare.

This meme must have struck a chord, because as I went on the air the views were over 16,000 and the shares were over 200. As of this writing the numbers have jumped to 35,000 plus views and more than 350 shares!

And Dimland Radio is now up to 85 likes!

News Item Follow-Up
Back on my 4-12-14 show, I told of the effort of young South Carolinian Olivia McConnell trying to get the Columbia mammoth adopted as the state's fossil. Well, the bill stalled on its otherwise clear sailing through the state legislature when some politician thought it would be a good idea to add God to the bill's language. Screech of brakes. (Any guesses which Party that fellow is a member of?) Someone hadn't heard about the separation of God and State.

The update is that Rachel Maddow had taken up Olivia's case and started publicizing the hold up and now it appears, with the God language removed, the bill will be adopted.
This makes Olivia McConnell and Rahel Maddow both Dimland Radio Science Heroes.
More Evidence That Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism
A meta-analysis of about 1.3 million vaccinated kids shows there is still no connection between autism and vaccines.
Speaking Of Science Zeroes
Well, as a yin yang thing, I will name a Dimland Science Zero: Vani Hari the "Food Babe" has pseudoscience down to a science. She has brow beat Subway to remove azodicarbonamide from their bread, because she found out that same chemical is in yoga mat and shoe soles. Next she'll be demanding dihydrogen monoxide be removed from Subway's bread.
Steven Novella had a few choice words for this pseudoscientist.

Dihydrogen monoxide is water and it is used in the production of bread and yoga mats.

Gluten Free Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be
It's trendy now to eat a gluten-free diet, but is it necessary? For most of us gluten isn't a problem. For that small percentage of the population with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (as diagnosed by a doctor) gluten needs to be avoided.
Jimmy Kimmel has done yet another service to us all by showing that some gluten avoiders don't even know what gluten is. Find more info here and here.
Blue Man Group Spoiler?
I had contemplated letting the audience in on something that we had suspected about the recent Blue Man Group show we attended. Something that had to do with an audience volunteer. I decided not to spoil the moment, but I did let everyone know that we were right.

Urban Legend As Amusing Anecdote On Late Night Talk Shows
I've talked about these incidents before on the show, but I brought them up again because I had recently been featured as a guest blogger on the Yankee Skeptic. I've been posting on the site as a help to my friend Kitty as she deals with some personal stuff and this helps her maintain content.
You can read the blog here.
Coors Light Ads And Why So Cold
Coors Light has been running an ad campaign showing their beers being retrieved bu mountain climbers or deep sea divers. That lead me to two things. One: How much would that beer cost if that was really how they were retrieved?
Second: Any time you see a beer ad stressing how cold the beer is or needs to be, you should realize that once that beer warms a bit it will taste like piss.
And For Those Of You Who Dislike Variety, We Have Music Radio
It's an old complaint, but music radio sucks. It's not that the music sucks (although much of it does), it's that there is no variety. Oh, they'll say they have variety, but they play the same songs over and over.
When I only listen to one particular station once every few days and I keep hearing the same songs, that means no variety. So, if you don't like variety, music radio is for you. 
Movie Recommendation: None This Week
I spend too much time complaining about radio, so you are on your own.
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Beatle Boots' by Love Tractor & 'Ballet For A Rainy Day' by XTC
Second ad break bumpers: 'Blue Bell Knoll' by Cocteau Twins & 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' by The Smiths
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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