dimland radio 6-21-14

Does This Show Smell Stale?
Well, it is a week old. This was the show that didn't play last week. I gotta say it was nice not having to produce a new show this week. I did enjoy having some time off.

New Show Policy...
I have decided that, when appropriate, I will no longer stifle the "shits" and "bullshits" on the show. Sometimes there is no better way to describe the nonsense than to just say, "Bullshit."

You're an adult. You can handle it.

Getting Vaccinated. Well, Almost
Vaccination is a recurring topic on Dimland Radio. I believe it is important to keep getting the word out the vaccines are safe and effective and that they do not cause autism. Each year, I get my flu vaccine and this year I've been thinking it would be a good idea to make sure my vaccination schedule is current and to look into getting the shingles vaccine.

I had talked about it with my doctor last year. I've had chickenpox, so I do have the shingles virus in me. He advised me to check if my insurance covered the shot and, if so, get it. It took a while, but I finally looked into it.

I'm covered!

But, there's more to the story on the show.
Unsinkable Rubber Ducks

Who doesn't love a rubber duck? Well, in most cases, rubber ducks are just peachy, unless you're talking about the phrase I've been hearing lately.
Unsinkable rubber ducks refers to the likes of Peter Popoff, Uri Geller, Kevin Trudeau, and many others. As often as they are exposed as not being what they pretend to be, they keep popping up again. It's a lot like whack a mole or being a Dutch boy dealing with dikes.

Rubber ducks can also be objects, such as the ADE 651. You may recall that device. It's the dowsing rod that doesn't detect bombs or guns or anything else for that matter. But, despite its main seller, Jim McCormick being convicted and sent to prison for the fraudulent dowsing toys, security forces in Iraq, Pakistan, and Thailand are still using them or similar devices.

People are going to die needlessly, because of an inability to admit being wrong or an absolute belief that these piece of shit devices work.

How Is This Guy A Doctor Exactly?

I was fairly vague about this. I didn't want to be too specific about whom I was talking. I have a good friend who, along with a colleague of his, is working on another paranormal TV thing. Just what we need, right?

I mentioned that my friend is constantly referring to his colleague as Dr. So and So (I'm being vague, remember?). The only thing is, I can't find out how this fellow is a doctor. My friend had provided a couple links that were supposed to have biographic information.

One link I can, frustratingly, no longer find. It was that link that stated the doctorate was honorary. Honorary? Who goes around with an honorary doctorate calling themselves doctor? And the honorary doctorate was from a dubious source, not a college or university.

Look, I know my nickname is Dr. Dim, but at the top of every show I make it clear that I'm not really a doctor. And, as far as I can tell, neither is this guy. Not that an amateur in the field his is in (I'm not telling) can't make discoveries. And not everyone with a PhD is brilliant and infallible. I just wish I had more info on this guy. Where was he educated. What degree, if any, did he earn? In what field?
There is something I can find in abundance on the internet on this "doctor." When he does his "scientific" investigations he uses...DOWSING RODS!

Guys, you want to have a chance to be taken seriously by scientists in your paranormal TV show, if that's even possible, ditch the dowsing rods.
I will not link to any of this, because I want to keep this under wraps until the show actually materializes.
Another Gotcha Moment That's A Notcha Moment

Recently, a YouTuber "Truther" believes he's found a video of the second tower being crashed into by a jet airliner that proves no planes hit the towers at all. Yep, after several videos, professional and amateur, captured the plane hitting the south tower from multiple angles and, after thousands of eyewitness in the area and the millions watching on television, this nimrod finds one video he thinks shows a computer generation layering glitch, so, of course, that means no planes hit the towers. See the logic?

That's it! Throw everything else out! He's found a video showing the left wing of Flight 175 passing behind a pair of buildings situated behind the Twin Towers. How is that possible? It has to have been faked.
Even noted skeptic Dr. Steven Novella (an actual doctor) of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast was wrong, although far more steadily standing in reality, in his explanation. He thought it had to do with the darkness of the wing and the buildings the plane passed in front of. In the video the wing merely looked like it was going behind the building behind the towers. (It should be noted that the actual explanation was given in the comments on Novella's blog and he acknowledged the validity of that explanation.)

But, that was wrong, Mike Hall of the Skeptics with a K podcast decided to figure out where those buildings actually were in relation to the towers. The reason the plane appears to fly behind those two buildings is because the plane flies behind them. The two buildings which appear to be behind (to the north) the towers are, in fact, several blocks in front (to the south) of them!

Mike Hall is a Dimland Radio Science Hero
Here is more about this and a Sandy Hook "truth" story.
Movie Recommendation There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011)

Why did Diane Schuler drive the wrong way on the freeway at 70mph with her two children and three nieces in her minivan, crashing head-on with a SUV, killing herself and seven other people? The lone survivor being her young son.
Diane was a model wife and mother, an excellent manager and friend. She seemed to have everything together, so why did this happen? She had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system, but her family insists she wasn't a drunk. A convenience store's security cameras caught her making a stop and asking for some pain reliever. She didn't appear to be drunk.

What happened? Was she a closet alcoholic? Did she have a stroke? What went wrong?

You can watch this tragic mystery here.
Music heard on the show...

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