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Rage As Management Style

I talked a little bit about "reality" television. I haven't watched much of it, but I did acknowledge the shows can suck you in. I then mentioned Chef Gordon Ramsay and his method of training by rage. At least, that's how the advertising makes it look. I'm telling you Ramsay is heading for a heart attack.

I'm Still Old, But...
I don't look as old as I am. Which is nice. But Abe Vigoda is one of those people that always looked old. I pointed out Abe was 50 as he worked on the classic 'The Godfather' and he was 53 when 'Barney Miller' went on the air. This year, my older brother will be turning 53 and I will be turning 50.

Abe is 93 and he's still alive.

What Kind Of Man Am I?
I'm the kind of man who couldn't go to a prostitute. Not because I'm above all that. It's because I could never do the negotiation process. I just wouldn't be able to tell them what I want. I'd be way too uncomfortable.
This occurred to me while watching the episode of 'Stephen Fry in America' where Stephen visits the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and learns the process of using such a facility. 
It's Not True: Michael Moore's Treatment Of Charlton Heston

Last week, I discussed how Anderson and "Bald" Bryan of The Film Vault got it wrong about Charlton Heston being a racist. Heston was marching for civil rights long before either of them was born.

I decided to talk about the distortions employed by Michael Moore in has "documentary" 'Bowling for Columbine' and what he did to Charlton Heston. Moore clipped up Heston's speech at an NRA gathering in Denver, held shortly after the Columbine tragedy, and added the "cold dead hands" statement from another speech, given a year later, to make it look as though Heston and the NRA were in Denver as an arrogant, defiance of the people whose lives were touched by the tragedy.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. The NRA had scheduled the event, which they were required by law to have, far in advance of the shootings and there wasn't time to change venues. They also cancelled all events save those that they were required by law to have.

Heston's actually speech reads far differently to the highly edited and misleading speech Moore showed us in 'Bowling for Columbine'.
Also, after Moore ambushes Heston in an interview, there is a sequence with Moore showing Heston the picture of a six year-old girl who was tragically shot and killed by another six year-old who had brought his father's gun to school. As Moore implores Heston to look at the photo, Heston turns his back and walks away.

The problem with that sequence is the Moore seems to be employing two cameramen. He would have had to to get the shots we see. However, we don't see the cameramen in the shots, as we should if there were, in fact, two cameramen. What happened was that Moore had only one camera and had to do different camera angles and doing some editing to get the sequence we see in the film. That seems dishonest to me.

This link has more of the Columbine distortions, but there are several broken links as this is an old site. And here is the text of Heston speech at the Denver event. Here is how Moore depicted Heston's speech in Denver.
Movie Recommendation D Day Edition: Band of Brothers (2001), Saving Private Ryan (1998), The Longest Day (1962)
DreamWorks Pictures/Paramount Pictures
Twentieth Century Fox
Since Friday was the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, I thought I'd recommend three movies that fit the theme. 'Band of Brothers' is an HBO mini-series that I have recommended before, but it does deal with D Day and it is an excellent series. 'Saving Private Ryan' has one of the most awe-inducing opening battle sequence ever filmed. It's the invasion depicted so realistically that you wonder how anyone got off that beach alive. And 'The Longest Day' is an old style war film that is all about D Day. It's a star-studded affair that is heavy on exposition, but still an entertaining watch.
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