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The Loss Of A Facebook Friend

Well, not that dramatic. I was unfriended because I am a white, privileged, atheist male and my FB friend can't have any of them commenting on a hateful post about the douchiest white, privileged, atheist males. She listed seven she thought were pretty douchie and I voiced a mild protest. I was jumped on by the comment thread echo chamber.

Here's the link to that thread. I'm not sure it will work for you if you don't have a Facebook account, but there it is.

If John wasn't on that radio, he too would be holding a cig.
I talked about this 1962 Howard Hawks adventure film starring John Wayne. Not a bad movie, some corniness, but still entertaining. In it we go on an adventure following a group, lead by Wayne, as they capture African wild animals to send to zoos.
I'm not sure why it struck so much with this film, but everyone smoked! They were constantly lighting up. I've seen lots of old movies from the days when people started smoking at age eight, but for some reason this movie felt like an ad for camel cigarettes.
To Comply Or Not To Comply

Since the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting, there has been a heightened focus on police actions with force. Community activists, social and news media have really turned their attention to this complicated topic. So, I waded in again (I had talked about this last week) by talking about another video I spotted on Facebook.
This one was of what was touted as a brave man standing up to a cop with his gun drawn. The brave man was videoing the encounter (in the hated portrait format). He kept stating that he wasn't a threat, he didn't do anything wrong, why did he need to get on the ground.
My take was that the man wasn't so brave as he was dumb. The cop doesn't know a person isn't a threat just because they say they aren't. The cop told the man that he needed to figure out what was going on and that he knew the camera guy hadn't done anything wrong. I kept thinking while watching the video, "Dude! Are you trying to talk your way into getting shot? Get down on the ground."
I also spotted a video from a news station in Phoenix, AZ reporting on a community activist taking the local police up on an offer to demonstrate what a "force on force" training session is like. He and the reporter both went through the training and found that the job on the streets in real time is much more complicated then they had thought.
The community activist came away with the advice for his community, "People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own sake."

Interesting, eh?
Here are several links to check out on this topic:
Movie Recommendation: Robot & Frank (2012)

State 6 Films
This movie is very charming. It introduces us to Frank (Frank Langella) an older man who lives on his own despite having memory problems. Problems he denies. His son brings a robot to help Frank. At first, Frank resists and resents the robot, but he soon realizes the robot might be useful in an unintended way.

Frank used to be a cat burglar, a good one, and he thinks he may have one or two capers left in him...

It co-stars Susan Sarandon, Peter Sarsgaard, James Marsden, and Liv Tyler.
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Take It Away' by Paul McCartney & 'The Queen Of Eyes' by The Soft Boys
Second ad break bumpers: 'Snake Dance' by The March Violets & 'Public Highway' by Luxuria
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle
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