dimland radio 5-23-15 the backward show show notes

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Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Brilliant Blues' & 'Communication' by Pete Townshend
Second ad break bumpers: 'And I Moved' & 'Let My Love Open the Door' by Pete Townshend
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle
Movie Recommendations: The Magic Christian (1969)
Commonwealth United Corporation
I recommended another 60s satire, but this one isn't nearly as sexually charged as last week's recommendation. However, there is Raquel Welch in that one scene. Anyway, the movie stars Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. Sellers is an eccentric billionaire who adopts Starr and shows him that people have their price.
There are plenty of interesting cameos throughout, including John Cleese of Monty Python in a very funny scene at an art auction. It's very funny and off beat. Maybe a touch mean-spirited, but that gives it its edge.
It's on YouTube!
A Look At Sports And Facebook

Last week on my Facebook page, I made note of the fact that, though it's still early in the season, my MN Twins have a better record than the Hated Yankees. A Yankees fan thought I was displaying some sour grapes. I told him that he was right. I don't have to fight with FB friends, especially if they are right.

Misleading Meme
With the derailment of the train in Philadelphia, there was plenty of talk on the social media about the state of the infrastructure in America. I took exception to a graphic that is misleading. I put together a new graphic explaining how one shouldn't lie to get people to support your cause.

One train is a high speed passenger train, the other is a freight train. The idea is to get us to think America has crappy trains, but they aren't being honest in their comparison. Below is the graphic as adjusted by me...

I Sense A Touch Of Bias...

So, President Obama has gotten himself on Twitter and his first message was greeted by a few assholes. Most folks were excited about the President twittering, but a handful couldn't help by display their racist and homophobic nature. Welcome to the internet, Mr. President.
Well, the folks over at the New Civil Rights Movement brought out their broad brush and suggested the mean messages were from conservatives and the right. Possibly some of them were, but the suggestion is that all of them were. That's a tad bit biased, don't you think?
My Boy Is Just Like Me

I talked about how my son has taken after me in that he has now passed out three times. When I was much younger, I, too, would pass out on occasion. Usually when I was panicked, sometimes when I was ill.
So, my boy has passed out three times now. Each time I was there to catch him. That's something my dad didn't do for me.

Minnesota Atheist Talk Radio
I was part of a panel on MN Atheist Talk radio. The panel was made up of other podcasters from MN and we talked about why we podcast and how our shows covered atheism. It was very enjoyable and I was the only member of the panel who dented the no cursing rule, this was real radio after all. I dropped a "God damn", but it wasn't so bad.
Back On The Blog At SIT80s
I had a couple pieces on the Stuck in the 80s blog this past week. After a long absence, I might add.
First, was a Never Found about the band That Petrol Emotion. The other was in honor of Pete Townshend turning 70. Townshend is my favorite musical artist, so I figured he should be honored by a write up by me. Now, if he only knew I exist.


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