dimland radio 5-9-15 show notes

I Prayed For A Stranger...Sort Of

The other day, as I sat in my parked vehicle, scarfing down some super healthy fast food, a fellow approached and asked me to do something for him. At first I couldn't tell what he was saying, but he finally made it clear that he wanted me to pray for him.
Phew! I thought he was gonna ask me for money.
I asked why and he said he was just asking people to pray for him. Now, I'm an atheist. Do I take that moment to inform this clearly on some sort of substance fellow that he's barking up the wrong tree? Do I try to reach him and plant a seed of doubt in his religious beliefs?
Nope. I told him I'd pray for him and he thanked me and staggered away. I didn't, however, tell him who I would pray to...
"Dear, Flying Spaghetti Monster..."

Good For My Friend
Probably won't be added to any college history curriculum any time soon.
Good for my friend, but for rational thought and an accurate understanding of history? I'm not so sure. But, what do I know?
My friend, Scott Roberts, wrote a book examining the possibility of the existence of the Nephilim. The Nephilim were giant angels who came down from heaven to knock up human women, because human women are so damn hot. I mean... Damn!
Ok, perhaps the reasons were more complicated. Anyway, their offspring were giants and they were mentioned in the Bible and in parts of the Bible that were voted to be excluded from the official Bible. That's right. Humans at one point decided which of the words of God were to be kept in the Bible.
So, my friend's book isn't exactly looked on as science. I don't think there are many scientific historians and archeologists who accept the notion that there were giant angel/human hybrids wandering the earth.
I mention all this, because just recently actress Megan Fox posted images of herself on Instagram. She can be seen walking and carrying a certain book. Can you guess which book that might be? Here's a hint: It wasn't Carl Sagan's 'The Demon-Haunted World'.
Could she be reading it with a critical eye? Can we hope so?
But, Scott is my friend and this is pretty exciting. For him, if not for science and history. But, what do I know?

How Awesome Is My Dad?

It's Mother's Day weekend so of course I thought I'd relate a story about my dad.
We've had a leaky refrigerator for some months now. The water was leaking into the fridge from the freezer. I didn't know what to do so I asked Dad. He had the same thing happen to his refrigerator. He, however, is not so inept when it comes to doing repairs.
Without the internet. Without any "how to" guide books. Without any assistance, he came upon a solution that involved, in part, hot water and a turkey baster.
I couldn't just take his word, so I consulted Google and I found a tutorial video that explained how to unclog a frozen drain in your freezer. It is a solution that involves, in part, hot water and a turkey baster!
How awesome is my dad?!

Penn & Teller Part 1: The Show
On Friday, May 1st, I went to see Penn & Teller perform at Mystic Lake Hotel & Casino. I went with a friend and his son. It was my first time seeing them perform live and I thought the show was very entertaining and fun.
A few of the routines I had seen them perform before on television, but they were still impressive. And there were a few that I had heard about, but hadn't ever seen, so that was cool. One of the highlights was Teller escaping from a large garbage bag filled with helium. I don't know how they did it. So impressive!
The biggest highlight involved an eight year old audience member named Tiffany and a pair of scissors. Tiffany did something with those scissors that made Penn believe that that would be the last show he and Teller would ever do.
Tiffany did as she was instructed, making her a rare child. None the other kids they've had help in the routine did as they were instructed. That's what P&T count on.
As a joke, sorry to spoil it, Penn instructed Tiffany to run with the scissors. Kids in the past might take a step or two or none at all, but Tiffany followed instructions. She ran with the scissors. Oh, but she did even more! With Penn calling after her to stop (that instruction she didn't follow) she got to the edge of the stage, hesitated for a second, and then jumped off. She was heading back to her seats, when Penn, with the assistance of the stage crew and casino people, got her back on stage.
She was ok. Everyone was ok. Penn & Teller's career isn't over.
Penn tells the story in more detail on his podcast 'Penn's Sunday School' (cue to the last 14 minutes to hear the story). You can download the Tiffany episode (#166) here.

Penn & Teller Part 2: The Meet & Greet

Since the very early days of Penn & Teller, they have done meet and greets after every show. They meet their fans, take pictures, and sign autographs. They stay as long as it takes so everyone gets a chance.
I originally hoped to get a hug from Penn, which he probably would have given had I asked, but I didn't want to push it. Half a hug was almost as good. He signed the two books I had brought: one by them both, the other was Penn's novel 'Sock'.
When I told Penn that Teller, who we had gone to first, had signed Penn's book, Penn responded quietly just to me, "Asshole."
I'm pretty sure he was referring to Teller.
Photobombed by a Vikings fan. Teller took this picture, by the way.
Half a hug from one of my man crushes.
Penn & Teller Part 3: The Troll

So, when I got home I immediately posted the two pictures of me with P&T on my Facebook page. I wrote, "Ahem. Look who just bumped into a couple of his heroes..."
Most of those who commented on the photos were happy for me and pleasant and had kind things to say, until the troll entered. It is the internet and some people feel compelled to shit on things.
A Facebook friend (I friend anyone who sends a request) doesn't care for Penn & Teller's politics. He doesn't like Libertarians. He hates the Koch brothers. And everyone needs to know that through my thread. He started by stating, "I'm not a big fan of these Libertarian idiots."
As the troll had hoped, another of my FB friends responded and it was on. There was quite the back and forth going on before I even noticed. I had posted the images and gone to bed before the troll arrived. So, when I opened my FB the next morning the discussion was on.
I want to thank the friends of mine who engaged with him. I tried for a time, but realized it was futile.
Oh! I didn't mention this on the show because I ran short of time. During the comments flame war, the troll let it be known he had seen Penn & Teller perform THREE times!
It took him three times seeing them to decide he wasn't a big fan.
Movie Recommendations: None

Sorry, you're on your own this week
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