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Yep, again. This time in a church. This time in Charleston, SC. This time the motive seems obviously racial, as the accused mass shooter has a history of being a white supremacist.

How do we stop these mass shooting events? More gun laws? More mental health care?

I don't know. If I knew the answer to that I'd be working at the Mayo Clinic. Does this look like the Mayo Clinic?

My Leftie FB Friends Really Don't Like Republicans

I mentioned how some of my more liberal Facebook friends (there's one in particular, but I don't mention his name) really don't like the GOP and those on the right. When Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox and Friends the morning after the shooting, he stated that at that time we didn't know the motive for the shootings. He also said we shouldn't let incidents such as this one divide us.

The liberal FB friends (just a couple of them to be fair) jumped on Rudy and attributed things to him that he didn't express. At least, not on that show and in that article. So much for Rudy's advice to unite.

I did point that out to them.

We Have Two Major Political Parties And, Guess What!, They Often Disagree With Each Other

I think this wins the longest title of a blog segment that I've ever written award.

Anyway, that one leftie FB friend, whose name I don't mention, also stated that according to the Republicans the only real thing Pres. Obama has done wrong is be black. I countered, "No, the only thing he's done wrong is be Democrat."

I shouldn't have to explain that Republicans and Democrats often disagree because they are opposing political parties. And as such they have different ideas about what is best for our country. Duh! Call me naive, but Obama being African-American has far less to do with the opposition than his party affiliation and ideals.

And I reminded people of those idyllic days of political harmony when Bill Clinton was President. That was a golden time in our history when Democrats and Republicans always saw eye to eye on every issue. And Pres. Clinton never got any kind of grief from the GOP.

Remember those days? Neither do I.

Put The Stars And Bars In The Museums

Representing secession, treason, and slavery since 1863.
In the aftermath of the apparent racially motivated shooting in Charleston there has been a push on social media to remove the flags of the Confederacy from state and local government is many areas of the South. I agree. Our government should not flying a flag the represent secession, treason, and slavery.

Private citizens can own and fly them if they choose, but our government needs to take them down. This action is long past due. 

My friend Douglas had stated that Lucas altered the Han shooting Greedo in the cantina scene in the original Star Wars earlier than the 1997 special edition releases. He said he saw the altered scene way back in 1981. I maintained that the scene wasn't altered until 1997. I told him I own a VHS collection of the pre-altered films in the widescreen format. That collection was released in 1992.

I found this clip on YouTube and thought they said the alterations had been do far sooner than 1997. However, I just watched the clip again and I misheard them. They state the alteration of the scene was done for the 1997 special edition theatrical release.

During the show, I said Douglas and I were both right. Apparently, I was wrong and that I was the one who was right.

YouTube Is Ruining The Rickroll
With YouTube insisting on placing and ad, either the fifteen second no stop ad or the longer ads one can skip after five seconds, at the beginning of their more downloaded videos, they are ruining the Rickroll.

Click here to see what I mean.

Adam Carolla - Wrong About Where The Wild Things Are
If the stories we hear Adam Carolla tell on his podcast about his childhood are to be believed, it can be understandable why he doesn't get the brilliance of such children's books as Maurice Sendak's 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

Sure, there are a lot of crappy kids' books out there, but this isn't one of them. And since Adam has kids now, he's been reading those kids' books that his parents never bothered to read to him as a child.

He thinks it's so easy to write a kids' book.

Bad ones, such as Adam's "free-styled" book? Yes. Brilliant ones such as Sendack's brilliant and award-winning book? No.

Here's a segment from Adam's improv children's book:

"...And they walked on.
And on. And on again."

Here's what Adam was calling easy:

"...And he sailed off through night and day,
And in and out of weeks,
And almost over a year,
to where the wild things are."

Not quite the same, is it?

I will admit Adam's book is funnier.
Movie Recommendations: Duel (1971)

Universal Studios
This was a made for television movie. It was one of the early works of directing by Steven Spielberg. The film follows Dennis Weaver as a traveling businessman driving through the American Southwest, when he encounters a very old, nasty looking fuel tracker truck that, at first, won't get out of the way, then begins to attempt to kill Weaver.

The film is very well done and it help launch Spielberg's career. He's done pretty well.

It's available on DVD through Netflix. If you get the DVD, be sure to watch the extras. Spielberg and writer, Richard Matheson, provide an interesting insight on the making of the film.
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Above It Now' by Figures & 'Dirty Mind' by Prince
Second ad break bumpers: 'Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling' By The Suburbs & 'Sex Beat' by Urban Guerrillas
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle
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