dimland radio 9-26-15 show notes

A Co-host?

Yes, as my wife was out Friday night (when I usually record the show) my son, Hayden, graciously agreed to stay up and record the show with good ole Dad.
We started with a brief discussion of the big supermoon eclipse. Hayden seemed interested, but not overly so.

iTunes Sucks

I updated my iTunes and lost all my podcasts. Oh, they are still being downloaded, I can find that part out. But I can't find my podcast library. My songs are all there in the music library. I can see those, but the podcasts ain't showing up.
It could be that I'm doing something wrong. It seems more likely the iTunes update has some glitch. And just try to get help from iTunes. They ain't helpful.
Perhaps the next update will fix the issue.
Joe Soucheray's Problem With Global Warming

Joe Soucheray is a talk radio host and a columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He can be described as a curmudgeon and a conservative. He's also a global climate change denier. At least, he denies the human causation of it.
He frequently brings up news items on some extreme weather event or condition happening now that hasn't been as bad or happened in the distant past. For instance, he recently talked about an article stating California is the driest it has ever been since 500 years ago.
Soucheray will ask what caused that dry condition back then. "We weren't driving cars then."
His point is that if something other than humans caused that (and the many other examples he's given over the years) to happen back then, maybe something other than humans is causing it now.
It seems a fair point, but he doesn't connect all those past events. He doesn't notice those past events happened separately from each other. He also doesn't notice that all those not this bad since examples are all happening now!
If all of those past events were occurring at roughly the same time he might have something there. But they didn't.

Spoiling A Doctor Who Episode
I tried to limit the spoilage. I talked about the season eight episode 'Kill The Moon' and stated that a chicken egg does not gain mass as the chick grows inside it. The egg is a closed system, so it cannot gain mass.

I also mentioned a skit from 'Mr. Show' about blowing up the moon. I find the skit very funny. Check it out.
Bigfooter Determines Bigfoot Prints Are Likely Fake

Not all bigfoot print, I'm sure, but Cliff Barackman of (Not) 'Finding Bigfoot' investigated a sizable find of bigfoot prints in London, OR. He has studied casts of the prints and has determined they are probably fake.
There's hope for this young man. 

Movie Recommendations: Whitey: USA V James J Bolger (2014)
CNN Films
Whitey Bolger is a nasty piece of work. And this documentary shows how nasty. It also shows how members of the FBI were very willing to get in bed with this guy. Fascinating and icky all around. And there's a tragic unexpected twist in there.

The movie 'Black Mass' with Johnny Depp as Whitey is based on information in this film.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Alice's House' by The Psychedelic Furs & 'My Love Explodes' by The Dukes Of Stratosphear
Second ad break bumpers: 'Under Pressure' by Queen &  'Cat's In The Cupboard' By Pete Townshend
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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