dimland radio 1-9-16 show notes

Heeeere's Johnny!

Yeah, not that clever of a heading, but that's why I don't get  paid the big bucks. I'm just trying to say that Johnny Carson is back on television. AntennaTV is now showing reruns of Johnny's Tonight Show every night of the week. I stumbled on a show from 1974, I think, last week and it was so cool.
I talked about these reruns being excellent time capsules to our lives from 1972 to 1992, the years these shows cover. We get to see twenty years worth of Johnny's thirty year run on the Tonight Show. The first ten years were, sadly, not archived. But in 1972, Johnny stepped up to save his shows for posterity.
I showed a bit of my morbid nature by talking about taking Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine to head back to that one show I watched last Sunday night. The guests were Bob Hope, Don Rickles, Michael Landon, Freddie Prinze, and Carol Wayne. Including Ed and Johnny, I'd ask those celebs which one would still be alive in 2016. I'm sure the answer would surprise them.
Yeah, I have a morbid streak. What are you going to do?
I wrote about Johnny's return for Warehouse Find, the official blog of Nostalgia Zone. I made the point that Johnny was the definition of class and cool and he didn't yell to rev up the audience. Today's batch of late night hosts feel it necessary to yell, because if they are yelling then it must be exciting!


I had thought the whole psychic phone line thing was over, but I was wrong. There's a thing called California Psychics that is advertising to bilk people out of their hard-earned money. I saw the ad while watching Carson (talk about the yin to the yang). At first I thought it would be an ad for one of the televangelist programs, but nope.
The ad shows a young woman feeling lost in life and not knowing where to turn. So, she turns to a psychic on the California Psychics' service and her life is all better now. The ad wants viewers to believe psychics can help, but the small print says, "For entertainment purposes only." That's so they can keep from getting into troubling with the FTC or FCC, whichever has jurisdiction.
So, if you're depressed and need help with big life decisions, call a psychic to be entertained. That makes no sense. That's also why the type for that disclaimer is so small. Most people won't notice it.
They also won't notice what else the small print says. The ad states that a call is only one dollar a minute. Which is $60 and hour! Not chump change. But, wait! It gets worse. That dollar a minute rate is only for the first 30 minutes. Additional reading time prices out at four to 13 dollars a minute! That's insane! 
A lot of gullible sorts are gonna be spending a lot of money on what are most likely cold readings.
Who Should Really Win The Powerball Jackpot
I put this suggestion out on Facebook. I suggested that we all agree to give the jackpot ($700 million at the time, but now it's over one billion dollars!) to the person who came up with the term "Y'all Qaeda". I think it is brilliant.
"Vanilla ISIS" isn't bad either when describing the folks who have taken a remote Federal building hostage for the last several days. But Y'all Qaeda is just so damn good.
I also talked about how unlikely it is that one particular person will win the Powerball lottery. But a billion dollars? I might just but one ticket. Just one.
Movie Recommendation: 30 For 30: Four Falls Of Buffalo

A wonderful documentary about the Buffalo Bills' incredible early 90s' run at getting to and losing four Superbowls in a row. The Minnesota Vikings have lost four, but not in a row. It's amazing that team could get there four years running. That's an accomplishment all on its own. It just would have been nice if they could have won one of them.
Also, it's pretty evident that the Buffalo Bills have the best footballs fans.
It's streaming on Netflix, not for free.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Never Talking To You Again' by Husker Du & 'Voices Carry' by Til Tuesday
Second ad break bumpers: 'Shout To The Top' by The Style Council &  'Talking Doll' by The Screaming Blue Messiahs
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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