dimland radio 3-26-16 show notes

A Busy Week At Work

A new property started, a new employee to train, a few people off, a want ad in the paper, a new office computer, and a snowstorm all made for a busy, hectic, frazzled week for your humble host. I did survive.

My Annual Rant

Before I started my rant, I admitted to the problem with getting the show to start on time last week was due to my error. I messed up. Can we move on?

My embarrassing admission out of the way, I went on to my annual rant.

It's Spring! And if I'm ranting odds are it's about those folks who insist on riding their super-loud Harleys. Oh, they'll claim "loud pipes save lives", but that's just bullshit. If it were true, why put mufflers on any motorcycle?

It's just their way of saying, "Look at me, everybody! I've got a Harley!"

Speaking Of Noisy Motorcycles

Friday evening as I drove to my part time job, while stopped at a light, a nearby (properly muffled) motorcycle had its stereo blasting. My first reaction was to think the rider could turn it down when stopped at a light. Not everyone is interested is his musical taste.

But at the next light, we were stopped again and that same song was playing. I thought I had recognized it at the last traffic light, but it couldn't be that song. Could it?

I rolled a window down and listened closely. It was that song! I would never have guessed that middle-aged fellow would be listening to that song. Some 70s album rock was what I expected, but nope.

Click here to find out what song it was. I promise this isn't a Rick Roll. 

Dimland Radio ARGH!

I had another rant about trying to get job applicants when they call in to understand me when I say the name of the street on which the company I for is located. It's Frost Avenue and it can be very difficult getting people to understand "FFFFFROSSSSST".

Try it sometime. It's so much fun.

Richard Belzer's Record

I don't know if this is listed in the record books, but comedian/actor Richard Belzer has played the same TV character for longer than anyone other actor has played a character. The close seconds are James Arness as Matt Dylan on Gunsmoke and Kelsey Grammar as Fraiser Crane on Cheers and Fraiser, both played their respective characters for 20 years.

Belzer has played TV cop John Munch for 21 to 22 years (I seen conflicting numbers). And he's played that character on different TV programs. Munch started on Homicide: Life on the Streets and moved to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But he also played Munch on the original Law & Order, as well as The Wire, The Beat, Arrested Development, 30 Rock and The X-Files!
Pretty cool, no?
The Miracle Anti-Aging Product Is...

Soft focus video! I noticed in an ad for Meaningful Beauty, a kind of anti-aging cream, I guess, spokesperson Valerie Bertinellie looked pretty good at age 54. I also noticed that her "before" picture showed a few more wrinkles than the current video she was making for the ad. I also noticed her "before" picture was much more in focus than the video.

It's an old trick. Star Trek: TOS and other TV shows of that time period did it all the time to make the female actors look more feminine. I wasn't buying it. Although, she does still look pretty cute.

What's The Difference?

I've heard Adam Carolla talk about the dog trainer he hired to train his new puppy. This trainer has been training the puppy's human to not say, "No!" That's too negative. Instead they should say, "Whoops!"

To which I asked, "What's the difference?" The dog doesn't understand the concept of negative words. It just learns that certain sounds barked (heh heh) by the humans means to stop doing what it's doing. The dog isn't going to fret over negativity. So the word "whoops" just ends up meaning no. So, what's the difference?

I expanded this notion to replacing red ink for purple ink when teachers grade homework and tests. Red has negative implications. Well, in time, so will purple ink. What's the difference?

And I mentioned a woman trying to stamp out swearing by getting people to replace current swear words with non-swear words. OK, let's say she accomplishes that feat. In, let's say, 50 years, those replacement swear words will become swear words and some little busybody will start another campaign to stomp out those former replacement swear words. What's the difference?
Movie Recommendation: Mr. Holmes (2015)

Miramax/Roadside Attractions

Sir Ian McKellen is great as the aged world's greatest detective (next to Batman, of course). Holmes is 93 and has been retired from the world of crime-fighting for many years now. His friend Dr. John Watson has died and Holmes is finding he is losing his memory. Watson had written one last case of the great detective, but it wasn't written the way it happened.
It was Holmes' last case. He wants to to get he story right, but he can't quite remember. How did it end? Why was it his last case? What was it about the case to made Holmes retire to his beekeeping?
With the help of his housekeeper's young son, can Mr. Holmes get that story right?
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Dear God' By XTC & 'Soul In Isolation' by The Chameleons UK
Second ad break bumpers:  & 'I Lie' by The dBs
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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