dimland radio 5-21-16 show notes

Why I Like Flip Phones

Yes, flip phone are passe. My wife has let me know that. But the cell phone service I use, a pay as you go thing, has sent me a free phone. It's a flip phone which is so 2006.
I like it! It's like the phones in The Wire. It eliminates the accidental button pushing while in my pocket. Best of all, I can pretend it's a communicator from Star Trek: TOS.

I Know Steve Shives Is A Bit Controversial...

I like YouTuber Steve Shives. I mainly watch his 5 Stupid Things... series. Steve can get the internet riled up. Steve is a staunch feminist and has upset plenty of folks on the internets who don't agree with his brand of feminism. I don't always agree with him though. But we're human We're not always going to agree with each other, but I don't want to cut myself off from viewpoints I may not agree with. I don't want to live in an echo chambers, even if that would be more comforting.
 Anyway, Steve posted this sentence on Facebook:
"The hissy fits [emphasis mine] being thrown over a Ghostbusters movie no one has seen yet are as amusing as they are annoying as they are revealing." 
I thought it ironic that Steve, a fellow very sensitive to sexism (it's sexism that he is referring to when he says revealing in his comment) would use the phrase hissy fit. Hissy fit is a phrase that is a female based. I pointed that out.
Other commenters began to discuss the etymology of the phrase. It's hard to track down, but one stated it comes from the Greek word for womb - hystera. I never made anymore statements, but I had always associated "hissy fit" with a female based phrase. 
Steve obviously agreed and stated he would use the word "tantrum" instead and he replaced the sexist phrase in his original post.

Photographs Can Lie

I talked about something I learned from Jeff Wagg of the College of Curiosity about a photograph making the rounds on social media. The photograph appears to show a Kenyan police officer about to curb stomp a man laying unconscious in the street. It appears to show that, but that's not what is happening.

Go here to get the story from Mr. Wagg.
I mentioned this far less disturbing example of an optical illusion that Phil Plait had written about. Go here to check that out.
And I mentioned the film American History X in the curb stomping talk. The entire movie is on YouTube. Click here.

Music Of My Life

I got the idea from the podcast Geeks Without God and their recent guest Barb Abney. The following would be the tape I would make as my Music of My Life mix (not necessarily in the order I stated on the show):
Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Paul McCartney - My Love
Paul McCartney & Wings - Band on the Run
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
J Geils Band - Centerfold
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
The Vapors - Turning Japanese
The Who - So Sad About Us
The Who - I'm One
The Who - Baba O'Riley
Pete Townshend - So Sad About Us/Brr
Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open the Door
Pete Townshend - Face Dance Pt. 2
Pete Townshend - Give Blood
Pete Townshend - Misunderstood
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Christine
New Order - Perfect Kiss
Tones On Tail - Go!
Les Rita Mitsouko - Cest Comme Ca
Wire - Ahead
The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Wild Blue Yonder
The Replacements - I Will Dare
The Replacements - Unsatisfied
Husker Du - Celebrated Summer
Urban Guerrillas - Freeway Picnic Party
Suzanne Vega - Cracking
Pete Townshend - Slit Skirts
Sade - By Your Side
Lorrie Morgan & The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - The Man With the Lightbulb Head
I mentioned the Japanese new wave band The Plastics and their song Top Secret Man. It wouldn't go on (goon?) this tape, but I said I'd link to it and I keep my word.
Movie Recommendation: None

I didn't have time, but you could watch American History X.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Face Dances Pt. 2' by Pete Townshend & 'Go!' by Tones On Tail
Second ad break bumpers: 'Cracking' by Suzanne Vega & 'Earn Enough For Us' by XTC
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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