dimland radio 9-24-16 show notes

Correction. Yes, Again!

I had to correct some bad info I had received and that I imparted on the previous show. Despite what I stated about Jim Jones, the wacky cult leader, he did NOT drink the Kool-Aid. He did not poison himself as the more than 900 of his followers did in November 1978. He shot himself.
This information was confirmed by a listener to my show. I also checked the internets and the episode of In Search Of that profiled Jimmie Jones and his Soul - Soul Clones (see the bumpers at the bottom to get this reference).

A Handful Of Skittles? Why, Thank You

Donald Trump Jr made a not original analogy about Syrian refugees comparing them to a bowlful of Skittles: Virtually all the Skittles are fine, but three are poisonous. He asked if, knowing that, would we still want a handful?
That brought out a negative reaction from folks who don't care for Trump Sr. Reducing human beings to Skittles seems a little harsh and selfish to me. Some argued that the analogy merely means the US needs to strengthen its vetting process of Syrian refugees in order to weed out those that may wish to do us harm. Others, including me, think that some people would use that analogy to justify their bigotry toward which ever group they don't like or trust.
I did point out that this same analogy was used by a faction of the Feminist movement in 2014 to refute the Not All Men folks, who were concerned about all men being treated as potential rapists. I don't remember the folks who were upset about the poison Skittles today, being upset about the poison M&Ms then. I mentioned an article on the left-leaning website Raw Story. This article was taking exception to Trump Jr's Skittle analogy and traced the analogy all the way back to the Nazis. I wonder if Raw Story ran a similar refutation in 2014 when the poison M&Ms analogy was being used.
However, in 2014 Debunking Denialism did write an article voicing the problems with the M&Ms/Skittles analogy
There were two very good responses to the Skittles/Syrian refugee analogy. One was by cartoonist Jeff Stahler:

The other was a written response by magician Eli Bosnick:
"If I gave you a bowl of skittles and three of them were poison would you still eat them?"

"Are the other skittles human lives?"


"Like. Is there a good chance. A really good chance. I would be saving someone from a war zone and probably their life if I ate a skittle?"

"Well sure. But the point-"

"I would eat the skittles."

"Ok-well the point is-"

"I would GORGE myself on skittles. I would eat every single fucking skittle I could find. I would STUFF myself with skittles. And when I found the poison skittle and died I would make sure to leave behind a legacy of children and of friends who also ate skittle after skittle until there were no skittles to be eaten. And each person who found the poison skittle we would weep for. We would weep for their loss, for their sacrifice, and for the fact that they did not let themselves succumb to fear but made the world a better place by eating skittles.
Because your REAL question...the one you hid behind a shitty little inaccurate, insensitive, dehumanizing racist little candy metaphor is, IS MY LIFE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF MEN, WOMEN, AND TERRIFIED CHILDREN...
... and what kind of monster would think the answer to that question... is yes?"


It's Not True: Jennifer Aniston's Profanity Laden Appearance On The Today Show

A story made the rounds on the social media, shortly after the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorcing, claiming that Jennifer Aniston, who had been involved with Pitt before Jolie came a callin', gave a swear word filled diatribe over America's priorities. She was so upset that people were more concerned about "Brangelina" than about the injustices of our country today.

Well, it's not true. She was not even a recent guest on the Today Show. How could anyone believe she would use such language live on national television?

Said News About Terry Jones
Terry Jones, member of the brilliant Monty Python comedy troupe, disclosed that he is suffering from primary progressive aphasia, a form of dementia. This condition slowly robs a person of their ability to communicate. It's very sad.
My father-in-law also suffers from the same condition. It's very frustrating for both the person who has it and the people trying to communicate with them.
Dad has trouble with my name, but he is able to called me "big guy". And that works for me.
My Old Conspiracy Theory
Lastly, a quick talk about my first paycheck job and how I got fired. I used to think I was fired because I was about to turn 18 and they would have to pay me minimum wage ($3.35 in those days). I was training as a cook and the bosses didn't think I was getting it. Well, why didn't they send me back down to being a dishwasher, which I started out as and did well? Because they surely didn't want to pay a dishwasher $3.35 an hour! 
Well, that's what I thought for a long time. Maybe I just wasn't getting it. Sure, some circumstances may have gone against me, but I could have just been taking too long to catch on and they needed me as a cook, not as a dishwasher.
I dunno.
Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time. You're on your own this week.

Music heard on the show...
Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Jimmie Jones' by The Vapors & 'Only In America' by Naked Raygun
Second ad break bumpers: 'Next Position Please' by Cheap Trick & 'Eighties' by Killing Joke
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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