dimland radio 11-26-16 show notes

300th Show!

Nothing particularly special was done for this my 300th show. I only made note of it and moved on.

The Dinga Dinga Dinga Sound Of Guilt

Each holiday season, just before Thanksgiving, out they come: The bell ringers from the Salvation Army. And I seem to forget about them each year until I step out of my car to head into the supermarket. That's when I hear the "dinga dinga dinga" of the bellringer insisting people throw some money in the kettle. Well, the bellringers don't force anyone to do so, but that ringing bell just makes me feel guilty.
I'm an atheist. I just can't give to a charity whose mission is to get more people to believe in a god that I'm pretty certain doesn't exist. Sure, the Salvation Army might be helping people who are struggling to make ends meets, but they still insist in the god pushing. So, I don't give to them.
It's a yearly complaint I have and I'm sure the bellringers don't think less of me for passing the kettle, but the guilt is still there.
If only there was a way I could help someone directly...

A Tap At The Car Window
After dodging the bellringer, I was sitting in my car, filling out a birthday card for my wife, when there came a tapping, a gently rapping, at my driver's side window. There was a young man, not dressed for the weather. He was wearing a hoodie to protect him from the 30 something degree night. He looked cold and had his best nonthreatening, humble look on his face. In his hand was a clear plastic sleeve holding a standard sized sheet of copy paper. On it was a copy of a photograph of a youth basketball team. Under that photo was some text explaining how the team had its uniforms stolen and that he was asking people if they might give a buck or two to help purchase new uniforms.
A sad story indeed. But it's bullshit. That night had been the third time in the past year plus that I had been approached by a panhandler using that same gimmick. And I'm certain I've seen someone else having that begging pitch used on them on, at least, one other occasion.
Well, I told the kid that I had seen this before. I had that skeptical tone I get. But I softened and asked, "Do you need a couple bucks?" He said that he did, so I gave him two dollars. He went off to get money from other people in the lot.
I told the kid to get somewhere warm as he wandered off. Then I remembered I had a quilted shirt I didn't need in the car. I tracked him down and gave it to him. I'm not sure he wore it, but he did thank me for it.
Funny, how during all this, I didn't notice the dinga dinga dinga.
Please! Make It End!
Aretha Franklin is a great singer. She has a fantastic voice. She's the Queen of Soul for crying out loud!
Yes, that's all true. But! If you're not a fan of her style of singing, which I am not, listening to her stretch out the National Anthem to more than 4 and a half minutes is going to be difficult. Thank science for the mute button!

When I sat down to watch the MN Vikings lose to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, I was troubled when Aretha was announced as the person who would be singer our Anthem. I immediately started searching for the remote.
When her "Oh-oh say..." came out, "OoohooOOOHHooohhhooohh" I hit the mute button and turned to my son and said, "This is going to take a while." I went into the kitchen to make a sandwich or do the dishes or bake a cake from scratch, something to occupy the time, and when I came out SHE WAS STILL SINGING!
Oh, my lack of god!
Sure, there were some who were dazzled. Maybe even moved. But, it was ridiculously long.
A Strange New Cheer In Sports?
Over the last several months, I've become aware of a new shouted cheer coming from a few fans at sporting events. I've notice it in baseball and in football.
I can't describe it here, but my younger brother was listening and he told me it's a Ric Flair thing. He was a pro wrestler, I guess. So I looked it up and I found this clip of some Indianapolis Colts doing the Ric Flair. And there's the cheer!
It's interesting how stuff like this takes hold.
That Library Marquee

The image above has been popping up on the Facebook lately. It's amusing, but I have news for whoever it was who created this image: Not everything in a library is true either.
Does your library carry any books by Sylvia Browne or James van Praagh or Deepak Chopra? Do they have a copy of The Amityville Horror or books promoting the Bermuda Triangle, psychic abilities, or ghosts? Do they have a self-help motivational section? The Bible or the Quaran?
Do you see what I mean?
A Few More Complaints
When talking about that new cheer, I touched on a Geico ad featuring a football game in which the center distracts his quarterback with info about the insurance company. A distraction which leads to the quarterback getting sacked.

If I were the coach of that center, I'd have benched him.

My talking about that library marquee reminded me of a pet peeve I have about prices posted on marquees. Specifically, if you don't have period/decimal point/dot tile to use when separating dollars and cents, just leave a little space where you would have placed the period/decimal point/dot.

See how easy that is?

Finally, I complained about how the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is only barely on television anymore, despite having two networks "covering" it. I go into more detail at my blog over at Warehouse Find, the official blog of Nostalgia Zone.
Movie Recommendation: None
I ran out of time, so you are on your own.

Music heard on the show...
Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Teacher Teacher' by Rockpile & 'In-Between Days' by The Cure
Second ad break bumpers: 'Mea Culpa' by Brian Eno - David Byrne & 'Empty Glass' by Pete Townshend
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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