dimland radio 11-5-16 show notes

The Condescension Of "Sportsball"
I noticed the term "sportsball' popping up on the internets. Have you seen it? It's a term used by people who don't know anything about sports and don't care to, but they want to have an air of superiority about their ignorance.
I can't say I'm not guilty of ever being proud of being clueless about some aspect of today's pop culture. And since I am also guilty of that attitude, I thought it might be a good idea to use the word "ball" as a suffix added to things we don't care about.
"Oh, are you guys talking Walking Deadball? Gee, I don't know anything about that show. I've never watched it."
Something like that. Do you think it will catch on? Or aren't you interested in giving things clever namesball?

A Story 108 Years In The Making

What a hell of a World Series! (I know, sportsball.) The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs know plenty about futility. Between them they have 176 years without a World Series Championship. Cleveland has waited since 1948 and Chicago since 1908. So with this World Series the fans knew history was going to be made, but who would make it. 
Turns out it was the Chicago Cubs, America's Sweetheart Team, who would break their long drought.
And what a Game 7! That game was a thrill ride. It was a roller coaster and I talked about how it rivaled Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. That was the Jack Morris 10 inning shutout pitching performance that gave the MN Twins their second ever World Series Championship.
1991 was a more soundly played baseball game with better defensive play and excellent pitching. That Game 7's drama was based mainly on the steady increase of tension. As a Twins fan, I was going crazy with that whole "let's get this over with" feeling.

This year's Game 7 started out feeling like a Cubs victory, but the pitching faltered (for both teams) and there was some poor defensive play along with a costly wild pitch (on the Cubs' side) allowing the Indians to get back into and then tie the game.

Then came the tenth inning, but before that could be played there was a 17 minute rain delay. ("Auggggh! Get me off this ride!") During that rain delay, the Cubs had some players speechify and rally the team. And I'm sure the Indians were doing the same.

Play resumed and the Cubs scratched out two runs and the lead in the top half of the 10th, but Cleveland homered in the bottom half. They got within one run, but the Cubs were able to get three outs and become World Champions for the first time in more than a century.

Woof! I was spent.

The ratings for this year's Game 7 was the highest since 1991's Game 7. The Cubs/Indians' Game 7 averaged 40 million viewers. Still, Game 7 of the 1991 World Series between the MN Twins and the Atlanta Braves pulled more than 50 million viewers. Both are mighty impressive numbers for baseball.

Photojournalists Don't Just Snap Pictures

No, photojournalists capture moments, good and bad. I talked about how someone with the talent and training and experience can make an art out of documenting history. They don't just show a moment they capture the moment. Their pictures tell us so much about an event. (However, photos can be misleading. I'll talk about that next week.)
So, there was a story online about the glaring difference between the front page photos of the triumphant Cubs by the Chicago Tribune  (which still has a staff of photojournalists) and the Chicago Sun-Times (which does not). As one person put it, it was iconic vs forgettable. It's tougher than it looks.
My Pillow Settles Lawsuit

I don't mean my pillow, the one I use at home. I mean the special, super-awesome pillow you can buy through the TV called My Pillow. Last March on show 267, I had talked by how I was doubtful about some of the claims being made by Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow, in one of his commercials that seemed to always be running on Antenna TV. I hadn't noticed the ad had disappeared recently.
Well, a California District Attorney brought a lawsuit against My Pillow for misleading claims of improved health from numerous ailments in their advertising. That's what had me being doubtful. I didn't doubt the pillows were comfortable, but I did doubt it helped with fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, among other ailments.
The way Lindell attempted to get around the need to demonstrate the claims were true, thereby keeping the FTC off their back, was to use the weasel phrase, "I've had people tell me..." But, I guess that didn't work to keep that DA in California from bringing a lawsuit for deceptive claims.
My Pillow opted to settle, instead of going to trial. They have to pay $950,000 in civil penalties and $100,000 to be given to a charity.
Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time this week, so you are on your own. 
Music heard on the show...
Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Columbus' by The Church & 'O Superman (For Massenet)' by Laurie Anderson
Second ad break bumpers: 'Unheard Music' by X & 'Nothing Turns Out Right' by The Mighty Mofos
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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