dimland radio 3-4-17 show notes

 Illness, Hospitalization, And Death

I spent the first segment letting people know why there hasn't been a new show in a couple of weeks. I had been sick and the aftermath of that illness kept me coughing and sniffing so much it wouldn't have been a pleasant listening experience if I had done a show. I'm not sure it's a pleasant listening experience when I'm not sick, but certain not when I'm a phlegm and mucus factory.
There was death in the family. My uncle and his wife died over the course of one weekend a few weeks ago. Both had been very sick, but he was the one told he had days, maybe weeks, to live. So, when my aunt died, it was a little surprising.
My dad and dad-in-law both spent some time in the hospital during my time away from the show. My dad had pneumonia and my dad-in-law fell. Both are out of the hospital and are doing better. But they're both 81, so how "better" they are is relative.

Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme Says What?

A popular feature that started in the pages of the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, the Bulletin Board, had moved to the internet last year. I had been a regular contributor in the past but had stopped when I longer got the daily paper. When I learned the Bulletin Board was moving onto the internet, I began to read and contribute again.

There was an item last Friday in the Bulletin Board that claimed most of the tributes to Mary Tyler Moore that included lyrics to 'Love Is All Around,' the theme song of her show, got the lyrics wrong. Most were listing the line in the chorus as variations of "You can have the town." I had always thought it was, "You can have this town."

According to my fellow Bulletin Boarder, the line is: "You can never tell."

That got me falling down a rabbit hole in search of what the line really is. I looked up lyrics, listened to several clips of the song as done by it's writer (Sonny Curtis), I listened to cover versions of the song. I couldn't find anything definitive.
Then I realized that Sonny Curtis is still alive. The rest of the story is on the show. Or you could go here and read what was in the Bulletin Board.

Please follow the Bulletin Board. You, too, can become a member of "our community of strangers."

Pedantic Moment: State Farm Ad And Home Burglary

The State Farm ad for their renter's insurance shows two women admiring a recently purchased couch, then, at night, two men are admiring the same couch. One of the women had just bought it, because she had to have it. The men are there to steal it, because one of them had to have it.

Oh, so clever, but home burglars aren't breaking into houses at night to steal furniture! Can you picture burglars attempting to lug out a couch without waking the renters or homeowners?

Punching Nazis...

...is still wrong, unethical, and immoral if you're punching Nazis because of their bad ideas.
I talked about a podcast and a YouTuber trying to rationalize their wrong ideas. Sure, Nazis have bad ideas, the worst ideas. Just about everyone can agree on that Nazis are bad, but they still have the right to have bad ideas and not be punched because of them.
It occurred to me that some of these folks enjoying the idea of punching Nazis had most likely expressed the idea that violence against terrorists would just make more terrorists. Wouldn't violence against Nazis do the same?
Watch this scene in Sidney Lumet's '12 Angry Men' (1957) in which Juror 10 (Ed Begley) goes off on a bigoted, racist, and hate-filled diatribe about "these people."
I think those podcasters and that YouTuber might have liked the scene better had the other jurors all punched Juror 10. Yeah, that would have felt so good! Punch the racist! Punch him good! That'll learn 'em! 

Movie Recommendation: None

I didn't get to one this week. You are on your own.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'OK This Is The Pops' by Tones On Tail & 'Dark Entries' by Bauhaus
Second ad break bumpers: 'Bitter Fruit' by The Alleycats & 'Electric Lash' by The Church
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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