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At Home With Monsters

Guillermo Del Toro and friend
The first segment was me praising the excellent art exhibit currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art - Guillermo Del Toro: At Home With Monsters. Del Toro is a filmmaker who has done pretty well and is able to afford an extensive collection of art of horror and the macabre. I mistakenly thought that everything on display was owned by him. Much of it was, but not all of it. Several pieces were part of the Institute's collection.

Be that as it may, it's fantastic!

There was art by Francis Bacon, Chris Mars, Mike Mignola, Edward Gorey, HR Giger, Richard Corben, and Bernie Wrightson, just to name a few. There were life-size figures (in wax?) of HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, characters from the film Freaks, the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth, and of a scene from The Bride of Frankenstein.
Photo source: University Chonicle
Somehow we in the Twin Cities got lucky enough to get this exhibit. It was first shown in Los Angeles and then it came here. Next it will head to Toronto and then it might go to Mexico. That's it. No stop in Chicago or New York. No European tour. From what I can find, there are no other stops for this exhibit. Of course, who knows what the future will bring? Although Del Toro has said no to further tour stops.
The exhibit will be in Minneapolis through May 28th. If you are in the Twin Cities before it leaves, I highly recommend checking it out. Be warned! Some of the items are quite disturbing and some of the video clips of Del Toro's film, which are shown on monitors throughout, are brutal in their depiction of violence.

Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Black Is A Color
Other pedants of the world will say black is not a color when talking about light, in which black is the absence of color. In pigment, it's the mixing of all colors. (I think.)
But, this pedant says black is a color and I use the 64 Crayola crayon set to prove it.
Wanna Know How To Lose An Argument Every Time?
A Facebook friend demonstrated the proper way to lose an argument every time, at least when it comes to religion. This friend stated, " In an attempt to shorten the argument about how I feel about religion, I came up with this: If you are religious, f@#k you!"

First of all, that's not even an argument. Perhaps he meant this as a way to stop an argument before it even starts. He's being asked about how he feels about religion. Using F U as an answer is just a little rude and it is self-defeating.

This made me think of that Heineken ad promoting the idea of having people with opposing views on social matters talk to each other over a beer. I think talking to each other is a good thing. It may not change anyone's mind , but maybe we understand each other a little better.

Of course, that conversation over beer could get out of hand, so drink and converse responsibly.

So He Knows Good Customer Service
A friend who is a business owner told me the other day that he and his partner were going to fire a longtime employee for not getting it. The employee was good a some things, but he would shirk as much as he could. He was beginning to poorly influence his coworkers. No matter how many times he received a talking to, his improved work and attitude just wouldn't last long. So, they decided it was time for him to go.
That reminded me of an office manager I used to work with. He made an art of shirking. He drove me nuts. I told a story that was the perfect example of the kind of worker he was and how his personal business took priority over all other business.
Movie Recommendation:The Devil's Backbone (2001)

Since I raved about Guillermo Del Toro's art exhibit, I thought it only fitting to recommend one of his films.
In a small, out of the way orphanage attempting to go unnoticed by the authorities during the Spanish Civil War there is a treasure hidden. A treasure of gold bars. A shifty hired hand attempts to find that treasure, while a ghost attempts to...
That might give it away.
Music heard on the show...

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