dimland radio 6-10-17 show notes

Today My Son Is...

...No longer a middle schooler.

My boy made it through preschool, kindergarten and, now, middle school and I'm feeling kinda melancholy. My wife and I are gonna miss that school and we anticipate the next four years going pretty fast.

These kids grow so fast.

We noted the wide range of physical maturity was on full display with those 200 or so 13 and 14 year-olds. It was incredible. Some appeared to be old enough to be graduating from high school. One young lady looked as though she could have been a teacher at the school.

Our boy still is on the young looking side, but that just means he'll look much younger than his actually years when he makes it to middle age. Just like his father.

And no Dimland Radio show could be complete without me complaining about people taking video in portrait format. I really need to cool it with that, but seated right in front of my wife and me at the ceremony were four people taking video the wrong way. ARGH!

But there are times when portrait can work. For instance...

Is Richard Spencer A Nazi Or Is He A Poe?

Probably a Nazi, although today's Nazis aren't exactly your grandfather's Nazi, but they're almost as bad. Still, whenever I listen to Spencer, which hasn't been very often, I keep hoping he's some performance artist playing this part to parody the racists of this country. He can't really think that way can he? 

Well, yeah, he can. He doesn't impress me as being a deep intellectual thinker. In fact, he seems like a dipshit. He even finds the American ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy to be "faggy." Well, he's definitely not a member of the Tea Party.

Former NBA star, Charles Barkley hosts a documentary series that focuses on race problems in America. He's attempting to have the difficult conversations he believes are necessary to improve the lives of all Americans, especially those in the minority. I haven't seen the series, so I'm not sure how well he does in furthering those ends.

The series does have its critics. But watching the segment with Spencer has me thinking Barkley and his partner in that interview, Gerald Griggs, showed great restraint as they listened to the bullshit. And, as far as I know, neither man punched the Nazi.

But is Spencer just putting one over on everyone? Probably not, but watch this clip. Can he really think this way?

Dimland Radio ARGH! Cats Being Let Outside

You really shouldn't let your cats outside people. There are way too many hazards out there: Disease, parasites, predators, poisons, cruel people, traps, traffic, and unwanted pregnancies to name a few. There is also the fact the cats are really doing a number on bird populations. Some experts might disagree, but indoors is the best place for kitty.

Last week, I discovered another reason you should keep your cat inside. Not that they might do their bathroom duties around the shrubs in your backyard, which is bad enough. No, some of those little buggers might actually damage your property.

We allow our cat on the closed in front porch, which she really likes. Well, the other night one of the neighbor's cats tried to get on the porch and tore the shit out of the screen of the porch door. Good thing the glass was down.

Don't Forget The Power To Edit
The Barkley documentary clips reminded me to once again tell listeners that whenever they watch documentaries, people on the street interviews, etc to always remember the filmmakers have the power to edit.
Remember the viral video of a young woman walking the streets of New York City being constantly approached by strange men? I will say I'll never understand how dudes can just hit on strange women just walking by. I guess it's not in my nature.
That said, remember the viral video clocks in at just under two minutes. That was edited down from ten hours of video of her walking around. Ten hours! Another editor could easily cut together two minutes of he walk without be spoken to or approached at all.
I wondered if a two minute video could be made from those ten hours showing only women talking to her.
Timing Is Everything
I ear-witnessed a car accident the other morning. After getting my son on the bus, the bus got a little hung up on the corner. The driver was trying to make a turn, but there was a young fellow driving a car in the way of the bus. After a few moments, the young fellow was able to get by the bus and the he and the bus went on their way.
I'm crossed the street heading the same way as the young fellow. A few seconds passed and I heard a loud crash. The young man hadn't noticed he needed to stop at the next intersection. He drove through and was T-boned.
Had the bus gotten there a minute earlier or later, the whole accident might have been avoided. Timing is everything.
Rod Hull And Emu
Finally, I talked about how weird the 1970s were and I used the comedy act of Rod Hull and Emu as an example. I blogged about it for Warehouse Find, the official blog of Nostalgia Zone. Click here to read all about it.
Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time, so you are on your own this week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Celebrated Summer' by Husker Du & 'Armgh' by Au Pairs
Second ad break bumpers: 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapors & 'Subdivisons' by Rush
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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