dimland radio 8-5-17 show notes

A Pedantic Moment: Winking Face Emoji

On Facebook when you type a semicolon and the right half of a parenthesis - ;) - the site automatically posts a little winking face. My pedantry is that the wrong eye is winking. When typed it should be the face's right eye that winks, not the left.

Wrong eye.
Explosion At Minnehaha Academy
Wednesday morning there was an explosion at Minnehaha Academy, a private school in South Minneapolis, caused by a natural gas leak during some construction on the school. Two people were killed. I talked about how you just don't when your time might come and about how fast emergency vehicles are allowed to go to get to an emergency. I also talked a little bit about the Go Fund Me pages that have been posted in relation to helping out in the aftermath of this tragedy.
I also talked about there being a suggestion this accident might have been part of Islamic terrorism. I was asked how long it would take before someone suggested it. From what I can tell, about an hour and twenty minutes. A local psychic tweeted about her suspicions.
She's psychic. Can't she divine the answer?
There was a vigil at the school later that day at which people involved gather to give each other support. Of course there was some mention of how God would help people through this. And, of course, the atheist that I am has me wondering why God didn't help by preventing the explosion. I know, I know. Mysterious ways.
The news of this vigil led to...

Another Pedantic Moment
On the 10 o'clock news that night, a young reporter noted that the people at the vigil (held earlier that night) are taking it "one day at a time." He said that twice in the report.
Um. It's only been one day. There was no other way to take it at the time.

"Do Your Own Research"
The above image is being shared on social media was created by Stop The World The Teabaggers Want Off. That is a bullshit site that generates fake quotes by conservatives. I said as much when a Facebook friend shared the image. I also stated the Melania Trump speaks five languages, so she's not exactly stupid.
That language comment was disputed with evidence, while I provided two sources. The person disputing me did not provide sources. They eventually resulted to ad hominem.
Oh, well.
Dimland Radio Science Hero: John Oliver
John Oliver has been declared a Dimland Radio Science Hero once before. He and Senator McCaskill were named Heroes for their exposure of Dr Oz's peddling of snake oil.
John Oliver, on his HBO program Last Week Tonight, has also exposed the bullshit of the media's false equivalency on climate change, the bullshit of the anti-vax movement, and the batshit, crazy, bullshit of conspiracy theorist king Alex Jones.
For all of that, I once again declared John Oliver a Dimland Radio Science Hero.

Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here are the Top Three Cool Things from this week.
3) I got a pair of eclipse glasses to observe the celestial event later this month. I joked a bit about how to tell your glasses are safe, but here is a better way to do that. I looked at the sun and it was way cool!
2) It's Not True: This video, although very cool, does not show lightning making water explode. It's part of a mining operation clearing a channel and the lightning seen in the video is a wired charge setting off the explosion.
1) My son turned 14 years old this past week. Happy Birthday, Hayden! Astrologers, put your charts away!

Movie Recommendation: N

I ran out of time, so you are on your own this week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Epic' by Faith No More & 'Refugee' by U2
Second ad break bumpers: 'Certain Things Are Likely' by KTP & 'Here Is The News' by ELO
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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