dimland radio 3-10-18 show notes

No School. Do Your Homework.

Just a quick story about a winter storm that sneaked up on us. It allowed my son to have a day off of school. But I did my duty as a father and made sure he finished his homework Sunday night, so he'd have no worries on his snow day.

Just How Does A Director Effect A Film?
I'm not quite sure about every way a director influences the final film. I know the main job is to get the best performance out of the actors as possible. Remind them of the story, their motivations. I've heard of stories in which a director tells the actor one simple character trait or something that isn't part of the film but is part of the history of the character. When that's been done the character can click into place.
Some directors have a loose narrative and allow the actors to improvise until a story as made. Robert Altman worked that way. Alfred Hitchcock, on the other hand, had the final film in mind and plotted out from the start, filming the actors was a formality.

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Coke Zero?

My pedantic nature was challenged when I unpedantically called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coke Zero. I was told "sugar" was added to the name when the flavor had been improved.
Well, I was drinking a can of the soda in question. The main part of the label does in fact read Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, but when I turned the can around, right there, above the nutrition information was Coke Zero™.
Yep. It even has the trademark symbol. Who's the pedant here, eh?
How Editors Saved Star Wars
After my brief timeout for a Pedantic Moment, I returned to some movie talk. This time I talked about a YouTube video that told how Star Wars, the original movie, would have been a disaster had George Lucas been surrounded by the same kinds of people who went along with his Special Edition changes to the original trilogy and the prequals, which I've been trying to forget.
However, in 1977, Lucas wasn't the powerful billionaire he would become. He was a filmmaker, early in his career, and he had filmmaker friends willing to say his rough cut of Star Wars needed help. A lot of help!
It's a fascinating video that gives us some insight on how editing is so very important in film. It's called How Star Wars Was Saved In The Edit. Go there and watch it!
Dimland Radio Science Zero: PUR
There's an ad for a PUR water filtering system there is straight up fear-mongering. It takes place in a "water bar" with tap water from all over the USA. Real people are made to think the tap water is filled with lead and lead is dangerous. Oh, the spokesperson tells the fear-filled folks the water has legally acceptable amounts of lead, but he never says it's safe to drink. Which it is.
The people are misled and react exactly the way PUR wants them to, with unnecessary fear. Shame on them.
Dimland Radio Science Hero: Dr. Jason Westin

Cancer doctor Jason Westin decided to run for the Democratic nomination to serve in the Texas Congress. He ran on the proposal to bring sound science to his stat's government. He voiced his concerns with America's turn away from and subsequent falling behind the rest of the world in science. His campaign produced a stirring ad to promote him as a reasoned candidate to advance science.
It's terrific. Watch it here.
I'm sad to say he didn't win. However, more science promoting folks are entering the world of politics, some are having success, and that's a very good thing for America and the world.
Movie Recommendation: The Way Back (2010)
A harrowing tale, based on what is claimed to be a true story, of the escape from a Siberian gulag and a 4000 mile trek to India - on foot. There is some doubt about the truthfulness of the claim, but the film is pretty good. It's lower budget and it's a little abrupt and jumbled in the gulag and escape sequences, but it settles in well as we witness the hardships encountered and the bonds made on this impossible journey.

It's streaming on Netflix.
Top Three Cool Things Of The Week

Here's Three Cool Things from this week.
3) More evidence that we should not say, "I know what I saw." This image (above) fooled me as I thought it was a picture of a concert. It's not.
2) My son took part in a school-approved walk-out and march to the MN State Capitol to protest the lack of meaningful action to curb gun violence in schools. I'm very proud of him. (Even if he did take video in portrait format).
1) I was commissioned to draw the above image for a friend. He was very pleased.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Megacity 1' by The Screaming Blue Messiahs & 'One Thing' by INXS
Second ad break bumpers: 'Stigmata Martyr' by Bauhaus & 'Teacher, Teacher' by Rockpile
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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