dimland radio 8-4-18 show notes

Zero Plus 0.5
Last week, I named Penn Jillette a Dimland Radio Science Zero for giving a platform for some very dubious food and diet claims made by people whose scientific reputation isn't great. I was disappointed to do it, but I felt he'd let down skepticism and critical thought.
Well, he responded. Oh, not to what I did. He has no idea who I am. But many of the fans of his podcast had voiced their disappointment. He was also responded to Orac (Dr. David Groski) who posted a lengthy blog reviewing Penn's interview of Dr. Michael Klaper. A doctor who made a few claims that just didn't sit right with science.
Penn started poorly by setting up a Straw Man. I talk about that Straw Man, what I think the actual skeptical objections were, and I did give him half a point. So, he's a Dimland Radio Science Zero Plus 0.5.
You can listen to his response here and see what you think. I mentioned an InFact video by Brian Dunning about the Big Mac Diet. I was wrong. It was not an InFact video, it was a recent Skeptoid podcast by Brian. 

A Pair Of Movie Tropes That Bug Me

The first is a trope that goes back almost as far back as the first action films. It when a character is shown falling or sliding rapidly toward a cliff or rooftop and they catch themselves at the last second. Just how strong does Hollywood think people's hand are?
The second is a more recent development: Showing characters vomit. It's becoming rather ubiquitous. The props departments must have improved the pea soup formula used for vomit and really want to use it.

I Think Stanley Kubrick's Last Film Is...

...excruciatingly dull!

Oh, the first time I saw Eyes Wide Shut (1999) I was impressed with the cinematography and the naked ladies and a naked Nicole Kidman, but I thought it was... rather... de...liber...ate...ly... paced.
When I saw it a second time, it was sooooo god damn booooooring! No amount of seeing Kidman's butt could make it bearable. Well, maybe it made it a little bearable. 

Three Movies Far Better Than Eyes Wide Shut

12 Angry Men (1957) Sidney Lumet's jury room drama focusing on 12 men in one room for virtually the entire movie talking, debating, arguing over the guilt or innocence of a young man tried for murder with the death penalty hanging over his head, is so much more interesting than Eyes Wide Shut and none of the fellows get naked.
Room (2015) Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay (so damn impressive as he was only eight when he played the part of Jack) both put in powerful performances in this drama in which the first half of the movie takes place in one room. They do escape "room" and have to adjusted to the world. That first half in one room is so much more fascinating than Eyes Wide Shut.

Locke (2013) Starring Tom Hardy, this tension filled drama focuses on Ivan Locke. He's driving to London to deal with a pressing matter that takes precedent over and adds complications to his job, his marriage, and his relationship with his children. The entire film, presented in real time, is one man, in a car, talking on his phone, and it blows Eyes Wide Shut away.

Three Cool Things

1) My son Hayden turned 15 this week. (Astrologers put your charts away!) Jinkies! Where does the .

2) I hadn't noticed it in all the times I've watched 12 Angry Men, but the scene of the fellows entering the jury room, having quick conversations, and then taking their places is all done in one take. Have a look.

3) And I finally watched the Carpool Karaoke with Late, Late Show host, James Corden, and Paul McCartney. Sure, much of it was staged, but I'm sure the patrons at the pub had no idea what was about to happen. Pretty damn cool.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Only You' by Yaz & 'Almost With You' by The Church
Second ad break bumpers: 'Rapture' by Blondie & 'Kissfolk' by 54-40
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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