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Returning, Briefly, To The Great Toilet Seat Debate

Here I thought I had settled the whole position of the toilet seat when not in use issue a couple weeks ago. Well, it turns out there's the whole problem with getting up to go pee in the night. It's dark and people would prefer not to blind themselves by turning on the bathroom light.

We have a solution!

There you go. Problem solved.
A Dimland Radio ARGH!

If there's anything I can't abide nearly as much as straight up commies it's anti-capitalism capitalists. People that decry the evils of capitalism while at the same time benefit from it.

The good folks over at The Dollop podcast, by my estimation, are guilty of this. It's a good podcast that mainly focuses on the seedier history of the United States of America. That I don't mind at all. Americans need to remember the terrible events and practices and policies that we, as a nation, have striven to overcome and do better for all Americans and the world. We need to remember we're not perfect and never were, but we come a long way.

I wish the good folks at The Dollop would be more willing to acknowledge that.

But, that's not what set me off. Listen and I'll explain. 

Mike Ehrmantraut Might Be A Little Too Great

"You wanted me to talk. I talked."
Mike Ehrmantraut is a character, played by Jonathan Banks, on two excellent TV series: Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He's an ex-cop with a shady past, who is willing to work from more pretty shady dudes and do some very shady things. He does draw the line and has a personal code of ethics.

Mike is wise and resourceful. He knows how to get things done. He knows how to read people. He can sniff out trouble. But midway through season four of Better Call Saul, he seems to be just too knowledgeable about too much.

He's still a great character and Banks is a terrific actor.

I even attempt a Mike Ehrmantraut impression. 

Clara Bow - Time Traveler?

That's a laptop?
A friend commented on a post on a Pre-Code Cinema Facebook fan page that suggested the above photo of the silent screen's "It" Girl, Clara Bow, shows her with a laptop computer on her lap. My friend was certain it's not a laptop, but a box of some kind. He was motivated to blog about, click here.

This probably won't go as big as the supposed time traveler thought to be seen in 1924 film footage of a Hollywood premiere that was included in the extras of a Charlie Chaplin DVD. In that film an older woman can be seen talking on what to modern eyes appears to be a cell phone. It isn't.

I would be surprised if this photo gets anyone seriously thinking that's a laptop.

The You Must Remember This podcast does an excellent job in their show focusing on Clara Bow.

Dimland Radio Science Hero: Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson

The files concerning the Jacob Wetterling abduction and murder have been made public and Stearns County, MN, where the crime took place, has a new sheriff and he's not pleased with how the investigation was handled. Sheriff Don Gudmundson held a press conference in which he was highly critical of the Stearns County sheriff department and the FBI. He's not going to have many friends in law enforcement.

He was declared a Dimland Radio Science Hero for his blunt and correct criticism of so-called psychics attempted to help in the investigation. In Sheriff Gudmundson's word the psychics were "right about precisely nothing." Amen, brother!

However, I do talk about how police investigators are stuck in a hard place when it comes to psychics, because the police have to follow leads. The person might really know something and they are just pretending to be psychic to avoid being implicated in the crime.

The In The Dark podcast does an excellent job reporting what happened in the Wetterling case in their first season.

Three Cool Things
It's like a painting by a Renaissance master.

1) The turmoil of this past week in the form of the Senate Judiciary confirmation hearings yielded at least one very cool thing. The photo (see above) of Senator Jeff Flake breaking with his fellow Republicans is fantastic.

2) The NFL has gone a little overboard in their attempt to protect the quarterback. This instructional video shows the proper way to sack a quarterback. Yes, there is a flag thrown, but that was because the pillow wasn't in place in time.

3) The screen shot (see above) I grabbed from a video showing one of my all-time favorite comic book illustrators sketching Captain America has something very cool in it. Other than the drawing, that is. Just take a look at what is on his collar.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
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Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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