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Minnesota House Passes Hands-Free Bill But...

After I warned my listeners of my cold and promised to minimize the sniffling and throat-clearing, I talked about the Minnesota House of Representatives passing a bill that limits cell phone use while driving to hands-free only. One representative said it is a good start, but thinks the bill could go farther by increasing fines, as well.
I agree the bill should go farther, but not by raising the penalty.
It should...

...Ban All Cell Phone Use While Driving

When it comes to distracted driving, any cell phone use is a bad thing. The idea that the bill, if it becomes law, will require drivers to use the hands-free option when talking on the their cell phones gives the impression the hands-free is safe. There is strong evidence that it is not.
Our brains cannot multitask. It can switch back and forth from task to task, so it seems like we can to two things at once, but we really aren't. And the multitasks we are doing we are doing badly.
My advice? If your phone rings while you are driving and you can pull over safely to answer it, do that. If you can't pull over, don't answer it. Call the person back when you can safely do so. And for pity's sake, don't place a call while you are driving.
Click here for the National Safety Council's white paper explaining why cell phone use, hands-free or hands-full, and driving don't mix. 
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: The Example Of Distracted Driving Given In White Paper

I noticed something about the tragic example of distracted driving given in the summary of that white paper on how hands-free cell phone use while driving is not safe. It didn't explicitly state that the young woman was using the hands-free option. In fact, it seems more likely she was holding her phone.
I suppose the authors wanted to give an example of inattention blindness, but I would have thought it would have been more effective to use a hands-free example.
And Jack The Ripper Is... Still Unknown
Once again there's news about the identity of Jack the Ripper. Once again someone has attempted to twist what ever evidence they think they have to fit their idea of who the killer was. Once again the killer is thought to be Polish immigrant barber Aaron Kosminski. Once again the news media and social media gets excited. Once again the evidence is crap.

And still the identity of the murderer remains unknown.
Some news outlets were dubious, but a quick glance at the headlines showed a more credulous approach to the story. Wouldn't want to discourage the clicks. This article has a credulous headline, but is otherwise pretty dubious. However, Forbes.com's article drills home just how ridiculous this latest claim is.
However, one group believes they know who the Ripper is because they asked his ghost! The group are ghost hunters and they contacted the ghost of Walter Sickert, an artist who some think may have been Jack. Well, if you can't take the word of a ghost...
Face it, kids, the likelihood is that we are probably never going to know the identity of one of history's most notorious serial killers. He will remain a mystery. And having a little mystery in life ain't so bad, is it?

Three Cool Things 
1) My friend Scott Roberts is an excellent artist and he's working on a mural, which, in its early stages, looks way cool. I'm sure the finished mural will look good, but I think the subtlety of the early stage is excellent. You can check out Scott's other work here.
2) Through Facebook I spotted another artist whose work has me repeatedly exclaiming, "Wow!" He is Frederick Cooper and his portrait work is super cool. I especially like his topic choices. Click here for his website.
3) We are less than a week until opening day of the 2019 season of BASEBALL! That's cool.

Music heard on the show...

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