dimland radio 9-21-19 show notes

Shingles Vaccine Just As Rough The Second Time Around

I don't merely talk the talk. I walk the walk. Well, when it comes to vaccination, that is. I often talk about the importance of getting vaccinated on the show and I make certain I get my vaccinations. I also make certain my wife and son get theirs.
Vaccination may be the greatest achievement in medical science. They are safe and effective. When an anti-vaxxer is being your ear about them causing autism (they don't) just ask them, "Got polio?"
I will say this though. It's not an unusual reaction to get flu-like symptoms after receiving the shingles vaccine, which is given in two doses. A sore arm is also likely. However, not everyone reacts the same way. I did get flu-ish after both doses. In fact, at 4am the morning after I recorded this show, I woke up feeling as though I had full on flu. It was pretty bad.
I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. I was much better, but not 100%, when I got up later. I pushed through, because I'd rather have the flu-like symptoms for a couple days than shingles.
Here is more info on shingles and the vaccine. 

A Mysterious Power Outage Got Me Thinking

Last Sunday night, we had the power go out for just under an hour. It was usual in that there was no storm, no high winds, and the temperature was fairly moderate for a mid-September evening. So, it's a mystery about why the power would have gone out.
It was also usual in that in was pretty extensive. My parents, who live a mile away, also had no power and from what my dad could see the power was out as far as he could see. My son was online chatting with a friend in Tennessee, when we lost the lights. That friend said their power had just gone out, too!
That got my paranoid mind turning. What if it's another Carrington Event? Could it be a terrorist attack? What will we do without power?
No Monster In Loch Ness
A study of the environmental DNA present in Loch Ness showed what kinds of wildlife lives there. The evidence showed there are plenty of eels in the fabled loch, but they found no monster or prehistoric reptilian DNA. We can probably concluded there is no Nessie.
The news media jumped to the conclusion that Nessie is likely an eel. But Nessie could also be a misidentified boat wake or waves or a log or otters. Or it could be someone perpetrating a hoax as is the famous Surgeon's Photograph. It could be lots of things, but a monster? It doesn't look likely.
Uncropped and less impressive.
But there are tourist dollars to be earned, so the legend will undoubtedly continue.

Some Showed Up, None Stormed

The Storm Area 51 event came and went Friday. The turn out was just a bit less than the two million who said they were going on the event's Facebook page. The page was a joke, but it did seem as though many were serious and that was worrisome. If people really attempted to storm a military base that could result in some very unfortunate circumstances.
Well, attendance was underwhelming with maybe 3,000 people showing up.
Yes, but why bring the North Korean flag?
 Hey! There's always next year.
The world reacts.
In The Meme Time...

Not the official Pedantic Moment for this show, it's coming, I had to correct a couple things about this meme. First, the actual estimate of the number of people who attended Woodstock is closer to 400,000. It's the Joni Mitchell song popularized by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young that had the line "by the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong" that probably got people thinking there were 500,000 hippies in attendance. Eh, what's a 100,000 among friends?
Next, Jimi Hendrix played his legendary rendition of America's Nation Anthem at the crack of dawn on Monday. By the time he hit the stage, most all of the hippies had left. It's estimated that a mere 40,000 were present when he performed. Not a number to sneeze at, but certainly not half a million strong. It was the film that came out the next year that people learned by Hendrix's musical statement.
And brings me to my last point, which my wife clued me into. Sure, none of the hippies there protested the guitar god playing the anthem, but that's probably because Hendrix playing it, in the context of the event, was itself a protest.
Silly meme makers.
A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: The Name Of The Band Is The Who!

It's a variation of the famous "Who's On First" baseball comedy routine made famous by comedy duo Abbott & Costello. It's from the the FoxKids animated series Animaniacs (1993-1998). The characters are Slappy Squirrel and her nephew Skippy. Somehow they find themselves at Woodstock in 1969 and go into the routine. Slappy wants to know the name of the band onstage. Skippy answers, "Who." And we're off on a nearly two minute ride of pure, white-hot, pedantic aggravation.

Skippy. The name of the band is The Who! Not Who.

Yes, I know that precision would ruin the routine, but I can't help it. I'm a pedantic Who fan!

Yes, I know I didn't say The Who fan, but in that context it is understood. Just as when saying you are a Beatles fan or Rolling Stones fan. But when asked the name of my favorite band, I answer, "The Who." Because that is their name.

I also talked about the routine as done by Abbott & Costello. Abbott the straight man of the duo has the information about the unusual names of his baseball team. He doles out he names quickly and Costello is too slow to catch on. Abbott is either oblivious to his friend's slow uptake or he's just an asshole who likes to make the little fellow suffer.

Also, Animaniacs wasn't the first to use the greatest rock band in the world in a variation of the classic comedy routine. In the 1970s the comedy troupe The Credibility Gap did an expanded version of it. This version not only featured The Who, but also the rock groups The Guess Who and Yes. And The Credibility Gap acknowledge in the routine on their album that they are ripping off a classic.
And here's a video version of The Credibility Gap doing their routine.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Your Phone Is Off The Hook, But You're Not' by X & 'Eighties' by Killing Joke
Second ad break bumpers: 'I Don't Remember' by Peter Gabriel & 'That's Entertainment' by The Jam
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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