dimland radio 2-19-11 show notes

Another ER visit for Mom

2011 is nearly two months old and my mother has been to the emergency room twice already. First visit was in January resulting from some heart issue, which has been corrected. Thank Science! This second trip was due to her falling and bonking her head. She spent a night in the hospital, but she's ok. Just a knock on the noggin.

King Tut

Unfortunately this mask was not part of the exhibit. It remains in Egypt in Tut's tomb.

Amy, Hayden and I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota earlier the day of my show to see the King Tut exhibit. Very cool stuff. I talked about some of the most interesting among many, many interesting objects. One piece that really caught our eye was a "sketch" on stone. To my wife and I (both of us artists) that piece made us feeling closer to the artist who worked on it thousands of years ago.

The Curse Of King Tut

Did this boy king put a curse on anyone? It's doubtful.

Along with talking about the exhibit and how King Tut may have died, I spent some time talking about the curse. In short, the was no curse. Just some inventive media coverage and selective observations.

UFO seen over Holy Land Part Two

A blogger makes a revealing observation regarding this image. See link below.

I went over some more observations on this UFO in Jerusalem. The more I look into it, the more it looks like a hoax. Big time skeptic Benjamin Radford has weighed in, as have a few very observant YouTubers. The YouTube clips demonstrate fairly clearly that some video trickery is afoot.

You can read Radford's observations here. And this skeptic's ex
cellent catch on the image of the Dome on the Rock. And the YouTube clips here and here. Also, in the interest of fairness, here's a believer's (this may be the fellow who first broke the story) take.

Movie Recommendation: Once (2006)

Warm your soul? What soul? It will entertain you, soul or no soul.

During last week's all love song show, I played 'Falling Slowly', the Oscar-winning song from the movie 'Once'. That inspired me to recommend the movie. It's romantic without being a typical love story and the music in the movie is awfully good.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'It All Depends' by Figures & 'Harborboat' by R.E.M.
Second ad break bumpers: 'My Wife and My Dead Wife' by Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians & 'Black Coffee in Bed' by Squeeze
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

That's it! see you next Saturday night for Dimland Radio 11 Central, midnight Eastern on www.ztalkradio.com you can also download my show from the z talk show archives page. You can email your questions and comments to drdim@dimland.com

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