dimland radio 7-13-13 show notes

Oops!  Really?
I recapped the story of my son's bed, which was improperly shipped by Sears.  The bed arrived with a couple broken parts, which I replaced with some plywood, not wanting to go through the arduous process required by Sears to correct their shipping issues.

Well, Sears sent an email asking us how they did.  I let them know they didn't do very well and their automatic response was, "Oops."  Really?  Is that really the way they want to put it?
Randy Travis/Mr. Fantastic?
Mr. Travis and Mr. Fantastic
I saw a recent photograph of Randy Travis the other day.  He's been in the news recently, because, sadly, he's in pretty bad shape.  The recent photo made me think how much Mr. Travis resembles Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) of the Marvel superhero group the Fantastic Four.
A Little Twins Talk
At some point in my talk about Randy Travis I side-tracked myself to talk about my MN Twins horrible record against the Hated Yankees (yes, again) and how they were about to lose another three in a row to the Evil Empire.

Well, they did lose Friday night's game, but, what do you know? Those hapless Twins beat the Hated Yankees on Saturday.  Yay!
Pedantic Moment: Brad Pitt And Wilford Brimley
Actors Brad Pitt and Wilford Brimley have been getting passed around the Twitter-world lately.  Folks are saying that Brad, as he stars in World War Z, and Wilford, as he starred in Cocoon, were both 49.  Well, in my pedantic fashion, I pointed out that Wilford was 50.
I speculated how much I'd enjoy letting my older brother and sister know that they are both older than Wilford when he made The Natural (he was 48 or 49 making that one) and rub it in.  Then I remembered I'm 48.
Now, Children, Stay Away From Atheists
Beware, kids!  Atheists are known to eat babies!

On the Facebook I spotted an image depicting a flyer handed out to, I'm assuming, young Christians warning them to stay away from atheists.  Atheists think they have all the answers, but are so sad, so stay away, kids!  Ha ha.
Mr. Show And Mohammed
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross starred in HBO's Mr. Show, a comedy sketch show. It was very funny and irreverent.  One sketch they did in 1997 featured cartoon vignettes with one being a depiction of Mohammed.  As far as I know, there was no uprising in the Muslim world because of it.  I wondered why that was.
Dave's Story
My friend Dave picked up a copy of Carl Sagan's Demon Hunted World for cheap and he put it on display and the comic store at which he works.  His intention was to give it away to the first person who asked about it.  Someone finally asked.  Dave was delighted.
Movie Recommendation: War Of The Worlds (1953)
Paramount Pictures
This movie set the bar for the science fiction films that followed.  It looks pretty good.  It gets its planetary science wrong, but still.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Everyone A Puzzle Lover' by 10,000 Maniacs & 'Shadow Line (To J. Conrad)' by The Fleshtones
Second ad break bumpers: 'Pink To Turns To Blue' by Husker Du & 'Beating My Head' by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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