dimland radio 6/13/15 show notes

Better Late Than Never

This was the show that was supposed to play last week. I'm not entirely certain why it didn't play as scheduled, but I think I might have screwed something up. But, I guess better late than never, because I think this was one of my better shows.

Doubtful News Dropped My Name!
So, in late May a video of an odd looking object floating through the skies of New Zealand was captured on video through the window of a jet airliner. What was this UFO (remember the U stands for unidentified)? Some have suggested it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Someone had posted an image of His Holy Noodleness on the Facebook group page Group of Fort. The person was curious as to what it was and what the other members of the group thought of it.

As it so happened, just a day or two prior to that posting a FB friend of mine had posted a link to the YouTube video of the hoaxer showing how he created the image. With that bit of good info available, I linked to it in the comment thread.

Sharon Hill, the curator of the Doubtful News website, posted on Doubtful News the hoax reveal and yours truly got himself a nice thank you.

Pretty cool beans!

Bitch About The First Pitch

I wondered why there was a change in how baseball conducted the ceremonial first pitch. In the old days, the first pitch was thrown from the stands, not the mound. Maybe that was just for presidents. Anyway, I did some research and it looks like Ronald Reagan was the first sitting president to take to the mound for that first pitch.
Thanks, Obama!

Speaking Of Politics
I took a moment to suggest that politics can get otherwise fine skeptics to fall victim to their own political bias. One such skeptic who is very left in his politics tried to shrug off a recent poll that shows that George W Bush now has a better approval rating than President Obama. He suggested the sample size was small and skewed by being done mostly by landline phone calls.
I suggested that had the poll showed Obama ahead of W, that particular skeptic probably wouldn't have had an issue with sample size or landlines. He would likely just accept it as a given. "Of course, Obama is more popular than Bush. Duh!"
Thanks, Obama! 
A Selfie Brings The Hurt To ISIS
Looks Photoshopped, he isn't looking at the camera, and image is not the selfie in question.
Now I wasn't saying that a selfie taken by a member of ISIS didn't help the US military in selecting a target. I was suggesting that the image in the article on the ISIS selfie probably was constructed for the article.
I thought the image looked Photoshopped, that the terrorist wasn't looking at the camera, and my biggest problem was that the selfie image was a third person (or should that be second person?) point of view and not the selfie itself.

Sleep Paralysis And Fringe Thinking
I'm not a psychologist. I may be completely wrong, but that didn't stop me from talking about how folks who tend to believe fringe or conspiratorial ideas will accept opposing ideas as long as those ideas also conflict with the "official" story. I also pointed out that even though the majority of experts in some field can be in complete opposition to the idea of one crank, fringe thinkers and conspiracists will hold the crank's idea up as the real story.
And I talked about a recent guest on the internet show Paradigm Shift and his alien abduction experience. I never heard of him or his claims, but in the break before he told his story I had pretty much nailed every aspect of his claim.

However, I did this with just myself as a witness. So, you'll just have to take my word for it and I understand if you remain skeptical.
But the reason I could be so accurate was because the fellow was describing all the classic symptoms of sleep paralysis. I also told about the experience I had with my own bout of sleep paralysis.
Movie Recommendations: None
I didn't have time this week, so you are on your own.
Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'You've Got Everything Now' by The Smiths & 'You Know Better Than I Know' by Pete Shelley
Second ad break bumpers: 'You Took' By The Church & 'You'll Have To Go Sideways' by The Soft Boys
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle
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