dimland radio 7-1-17 show notes

A Correction And More Whining

For some reason, during my diatribe at the end of last week's show about talentless yet celebrated artists I kept mispronouncing Jon Serl's name. I corrected my error. He still sucked as an artist.
I also talked about abstract art and how the less representational it is, the greater the bullshit explanation needs to be to explain why it is art. I went on to mention the great abstract artists Picasso and Pollack. Sure, plenty of people looked at their work and said their kids could do that. Perhaps, but your kids wouldn't know what they were doing. Like Jon Serl, they would just be doing it.
Picasso and Pollack were good artists and could do more representational art as well as any great artist. They had the chops.

Just Stupid And Sad

I used to be amused by the Darwin Awards, but these days I'm beginning to think taking some kind of enjoyment from people killing themselves by doing something stupidly risky isn't the best thing to do.
The latest example comes out of Crookston, MN. A boyfriend and girlfriend have been pursuing fame on YouTube by making videos of themselves doing risky things. The boyfriend wanted to do something really dangerous. He wanted the girlfriend to fire a .50 caliber handgun at his chest at point blank range. His protection would be a book.
There was a news story reporting there were as many as 30 onlookers present for the stunt. If so, none of them appear to have tried to stop this act of stupidity. Maybe there should be some legal action brought against those witnesses.
The whole story is just sad. Made even more so by having been done right in front of their three year old child. Oh, and the girlfriend is pregnant.

A Follow-Up On Right To Carry And Cop Stops

I looked into whether or not gun-owners who apply for a Right to Carry permit receive any kind of formal training on how to handle a traffic stop by the police when carrying a weapon. I found that there really isn't. Not in Minnesota, anyway. The trainers teach what the law requires, but if there is any advising done about that situation, it is up to the individual trainers as to how they proceed.
I'm thinking I might contact my local legislators and suggest there be some formal training on handle that situation when gun-owners apply for a Right to Carry permit.

Another Example Of Photoshop Fakery

The above image shows quite nicely how you can't always believe an image. I went over the rather easy to spot indications that the "rapists" image was faked. Sadly, even though it's so obvious, people still get fooled into believing this young woman would want rapists around.
Pedantic Moment: Jane Lynch Is Holding Up The Young Swimmers

Have you seen the TV commercial with Jane Lynch telling the young lifeguard, who is late opening the pool for a mob of anger kids because he needed to get his coffee, he should use MasterCard MasterPass? Yep, MasterPass is MasterCard's way to get people under a mountain of credit card debt real fast!
Anyway, she and the lifeguard are having this conversation while the kids are still waiting.
"Hey, Jane Lynch! Why don't you shut up an let Mr. Coffee here open the damn gate! You can tell him all about that MasterCard thing once we're inside. OK?"
Opening A Box Into My Past...In Front Of My Son
I had an old box set aside in a closet that, for the most part, contain mementos of two of my youthful obsessions. Well, one of those obsessions is still pretty active.

The box was filled with posters, magazines, books, and other paraphernalia relating to The Who and Farrah Fawcett. I'm still mighty obsessed with The Who, but my crush on Farrah has waned since my high school days. I must admit though there's still a little spark there when I look at those images of her in her hey day.
There was a book in there about the crazy partying life of The Who's drummer, Keith Moon. I bought the book in the mid80s, a couple years or so after it was published. I started to read it then, but I put it down only to never pick it up again. I vaguely remembered having problems with it, when I pulled it out of the box.
My son encouraged me to give reading it another try. So, I did. I didn't get too far in, just the first paragraph, when I remembered why I stopped reading it 30 years ago. The book is a history of sorts and it's written almost entirely in present tense! Ugh!

I came up with a plan for me to be able to read it. You'll have to listen to learn what that plan is.

This was where going through the box really got fun for me, because I could go into full Dad mode in front of my son as I went through all the items. The items I had collected relating to Farrah Fawcett in particular. My son didn't have a problem with The Who stuff but he was mortified that I had all those Farrah posters and...

Two copies of an unauthorized biography...
Two mugs...
A puzzle...
And a few other things for which I don't have photos. He couldn't believe I kept all of it. And he couldn't believe his mom was OK with it.
I had so much fun making him so embarrassed.

Movie Recommendation: None

I ran out of time, so you are on your own this week.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: 'Debaser' by Pixies & 'Undercover Of The Night' by The Rolling Stones
Second ad break bumpers: 'Metro' by Berlin & 'Back O' The Moon' by 10,000 Maniacs
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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