1. What is it about 9/11 that you believe we should "never forget?"
    The battle cry we learned that day that would fuel us in a never-ending war on "terror?"
    The 3,000 dead Americans who perished "at work" that day.
    The administration who ignored very specific intelligence warning them of an imminent and unconventional attack on an "American center of commerce" and then said the idea of someone using our own seized jets as flying bombs was an idea so foreign and far-fetched that no one would take it seriously even though they were running war games at the exact same time that showcased that very same "impossible to even imagine" scenario."
    Or, would you have us NEVER FORGET the 19 Saudi Arabians, managed with historic military precision from a cave in Afghanistan, to overtake four jets with boxcutters and then fly them at remarkable speed through U.S. skies free from any defensive protection or attack by U.S.jet fighters scrambled to meet and turn back the threat. Can we ever truly forget these terrorists calmly piloting jumbo jets at 500+ MPH into the heart of NYC causing the near free-fall of two 110-story steel towers AND into an undefended building which is known as the free world's center for military defense (and strike a relatively empty portion of the building which had just undergone renovation leaving barely a mark on the pristine lawn and nothing but "ghosts" on the one and only one video ever shown by our government).
    I'll never forget any of it and I'm sure you won't either. I don't mean to "invade" your blog, I am just hoping that you will avail yourself of all the facts from that horrible day (and the 6-1/2 horrible years of unjust war and dimunition of our civil rights) and use your patriotism to help teach everyone you meet the entire truth ... it's out there. Best wishes, Chris T. (I like your concert reviews as I'm from that same era and, for me, Aerosmith will always be Back in The Saddle and NOT Crazy.

  2. Chris your comment is welcome. I may not be in agreement with it, but it is welcome. I won't attempt to refute any of it. I just don't want the events of that day forgotten.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my concert blog. There are going to be MANY more installments. I've just begun to scratch the surface.

    I agree that Aerosmith were far more interesting in their earlier days. Especially before 'Crazy'. I wish I could have remembered more about the show, but it was a long time ago.

    Stop by again for future installments. Tell your friends.

    All the best,