fat britney?

Ok, I may be a little late here, but, I had to weigh in on this Britney Spears thing. I’m not going to defend her completely unprofessional meltdown at the MTV video awards spectacular (sarcasm). She blew it. She has only two talents: dancing and lip-syncing (nobody actually thinks she can sing, right?). And she has one asset – her looks. Those three things are all she has and they got her pretty far. Until that night.

Well, actually, one of the three things didn’t fail her. Her looks. That’s what I want to address here. I was astounded by how many people got on her about her being fat! Fat!?! Jay Leno, for one, made quite an issue of her supposed heft. (I do give credit to Kevin Eubanks, Jay’s bandleader, for speaking up and saying she’s looked pretty good. David Letterman, also, said she looked good.)

Britney Spears looked great. Sure, her body has changed a little from what it had been before she had children, but how can anyone say she’s fat? But that’s what Leno, Roger Friedman (Fox’s entertainment critic), and, even, Carrot Top (that freak) all suggested.

So, here’s a picture of that fattie, Britney Spears.

Appalling, ain’t it?

I’ve compiled a few examples of past sex symbols, who would be considered fat today.

Elke Sommer – disgusting!

Dyan Canyon – gross!

Ann-Margaret – oh, no!

Ursula Andress – that’s so bad!

Raquel Welsh – no, no, no!

Marilyn Monroe – she’s a sex symbol?

It’s that Britney's fat talk we get from people like Jay Leno, who isn’t very thin himself, that can lead to the unrealistic expectations on how women should look. Most women would love to look like Britney Spears, but when she’s accused of being fat… Well, are these examples, below, what we’d prefer women to look like?

Kate Moss – mmmm, those elbows can cut glass!

Mary-Kate Olsen – thighs the width of my wrist are so sexy!

Nicole Richie – skeletons turn me on!

So, let’s see Britney again.

How fat does she look now?

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