dimland radio show notes 4-17-10

No guest on this show. I may have tweaked a nose or two by covering this year's JREF Pigasus Awards. Trisha, a regular listener and chat room member gave me the "interesting show" response. I know that doesn't necessarily mean something negative and Trisha is a friend of the show. I understand the audience doesn't always agree with me. That's cool. I press on.

Theater of the mind

Z Talk Radio is doing something way cool. They are playing old time radio shows after Paradigm Shift (Fridays 10 - midnight central) and Dimland Radio. When my show ends you can listen to the theater of the mind shows of the horror and mystery genre. After Paradigm Shift, you'll hear old westerns such as the Lone Ranger. This to me is far out, I was very interested in those old shows when I was a kid. I'm especially thrilled that Z Talk has procured a few episodes of my favorite radio show, The Shadow.

The JREF annual Pigasus awards for 2009

Each year on April 1st (yes, April Fool's Day), the James Randi Educational Foundation announces the "winners" of their annual Pigasus awards. These awards are given to the individuals and organizations who have done the most (regrettably) to advance or promote superstition and psuedoscience in the previous year.

This year's recipients can be found here.

Dimland Radio promos

I knew it was out there, but I finally heard the promo for my show that was produced by Z Talk Radio. It's a good promo that even mentions my website, www.dimland.com. I didn't think to mention my website in the promo I wrote for my show. I'm glad somebody did. The Z Talk edition has a line that I wasn't thrilled with. It states that "science is religion on Dimland Radio." Well, it's not. I could tell that a skeptic did not write that copy. No skeptic would ever equate science as religion.

Skeptical news items

Ripped from a recent issue of the Skeptical Inquirer were these two stories:

Study Reveals Ginkgo Biloba Ineffective for Memory

African Albinos Murdered for Witchcraft

A (hopefully) humorous story about my son, Hayden

My son, Hayden, is so cute and smart and wonderful and awesome, even when he's making his dad stop peeing in midstream to run to find out why he's crying. It turned out Hayden was fine. He was just playing. That little stinker.


For some reason (I'm not as smart as I think, perhaps?), I didn't remember that "mg" stands for milligram, not microgram. How stupid is that?

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ahead' by Wire
First ad break bumpers: 'This Ain't No Picnic' by The Minutemen & 'Bliss' by Urban Guerrillas
Second ad break bumpers: 'Warm Leatherette' by The Normal & 'And I Moved' by Pete Townshend
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

That's it! See you next week for Dimland Radio 11 Central, midnight Eastern on www.ztalkradio.com You can also download my show from the Z Talk On Demand page. You can email your questions and comments to drdim@dimland.com

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