dimland radio 1-25-14 show notes

One More Wisdom Tooth Gone

I talked about the second wisdom tooth removal in four years and likely the last.  At nearly 50 years of age, I am finally down to two wisdom teeth left.  I didn't have them removed when I was in my teens, when most people have theirs removed, because they were way deep in the jaw, so my dentist figured I'd be ok waiting.  And I was until about four years ago.

Both of the removed wisdoms have been in my lower jaw.  The two in my upper jaw are looking like they are going to stay put.  As the oral surgeon said of them, "They are asleep."

The Worst Aspect Of The Wisdom Removal

I recounted the most disturbing part of the whole wisdom tooth removal experience was the realization that the Health Partners clinic at which my procedure was carried out also offers chiropractic and acupuncture treatments! Yep, right down that hallway you will head away from the science-based medicine to the crap-based medicine (my thanks to the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe for those phrases).

I ought to write a letter.

Some Winter We're Having, Eh?

This has been quite a pain in the ass winter so far. The snow hasn't been a big problem, even though we do have quite a bit piling up. It's really been the extreme cold we've been experiencing that has put this winter high on the misery scale. As I write this, we await the probable announcement that school will be cancelled again for Monday. This will be the fourth day this school year that classes were called on account of cold.

Hayden and his classmates might be happy to stay home, but it looks very possible that one or two make-up days will be added at the end of the school year.


With all these cold snaps passing through, I've been starting and running the company van at work to be sure it runs. The van sits out in the elements and doesn't have a tank heater to help it survive the cold.  The other day, I started it up and let it run for a bit. Well, a little more than a bit. I left the van running for FOUR HOURS!
Whoop, whoop.

Movie Recommendation: WW and the Dixie Dancekings (1975)

20th Century Fox
During last week's music show I played a song from this movie.  I lamented that I had not seen this film, a favorite from my childhood, for many years and that it's not available on Netflix.  Well, never fear! You can watch the entire film on YouTube.

It stars Burt Reynolds as a charming, gas station robbing, big talking con man who hooks up with a struggling country music band called the Dixie Dancekings. Somehow, he takes them under his wing in order to get them to stardom and the Grand Ole Opry stage. Art Carney plays very pious, bible quoting (I guess that makes him a con man, too), lawman on WW's trail.

Not the greatest film ever made, it still has its charms. And that's country music's gentle giant Don Williams as the Dancekings' bass player.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Alice's House' by The Psychedelic Furs & 'Luka' by Suzanne Vega
Second ad break bumpers: 'We Got The Beat' by The Go-Gos & 'Requiem' by Killing Joke
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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