dimland radio 2-1-14 show notes

More Wisdom Tooth Talk

Something weird happened more than a week after the extraction of my wisdom tooth. A yellowy, purply, old-looking bruise showed up on my neck just below my Adam's Apple. I don't recall the surgeon leaning on my neck and Amy hasn't try to strangle me for a couple months. So, what gives?

It was explained to me by a Facebook friend (sure, he may not be an expert, but his explanation seems very plausible) that the bruise was the result of some of the loosed blood heading inside and pooling in that spot. He had it explained to him by his dentist that after his wisdoms were removed it might appear as though the dentist had been beating on his chest.

More Winter Weather Talk

Again, this winter has been a pain in the ass. Way cold for a few days, then snow, then way cold again. It's very tiring.
So this past week, I had to do some driving in a snowstorm, plenty of shoveling, help get a driver unstuck and broke my shoe in the process. Which led to...

More Sears Talk

I had to buy new shoes, so I went to Sears where I always get my shoes. Just habit, I guess. I talked about my experience at check out and the cashier peppering me with needing my phone number, did I want to be a rewards member, and did I want a Sears credit card. I just wanted to pay for my stuff and get the hell out of there.

More Atheist Talk
I spotted this video clip on the Facebook. It features a dentist and his patient discussing the existence of god and dentists. It's a straw man fallacy created by Christian apologists who don't understand atheists. Watch the clip but beware the inevitable facepalming.
More Farrah Talk

I decided to indulge myself, but, really, isn't my entire show just me indulging myself? Anyway, I noted that February 2nd would have been Farrah Fawcett's 67th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, I read the blog I had written the day she had died.

You can read it here. 
The Power Of Art (Thought I Was Gonna Use More Again, Didn't You?)

Thomas Kelly, a 37 year-old, homeless man who suffered from schizophrenia was beaten to death by several Fullerton, CA police officers. Three officers were charged with crimes, two were brought to trial and acquitted. The third had the charges dropped after the acquittal of the other two officers.
I don't know all the particulars, just what I've read on the Wikipedia account. I do know that artist Michael Em captured something powerful in his illustration of the beating. It hurt my heart.
Movie Recommendation: None This Week
You're on your own.

Music heard on the show...

Dimland Radio opening theme song: 'Ram' by The Yoleus
First ad break bumpers: 'Insect Mother' by Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians & 'Y.O.Y.O.Y.' by Cheap Trick
Second ad break bumpers: 'Cat's In The Cupboard' by Pete Townshend & 'Tears' by The Chameleons UK
Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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