dimland radio 4-11-15 no show show notes

The Show Is On Hiatus

The show is still on hiatus; however, the new laptop is on the way. If all goes well, there's a good chance the show will return on Saturday, April 25th.

But, that doesn't mean I can't cover a topic I would have talked about on the show, does it? Of course, not. So, here are this week's no show show notes...

Pedantic Moment Teaser

The notes will be very short this week. I will just tease you about an upcoming Pedantic Moment I'll be having when the show returns...

"Broad rivers fed by the Sierra Nevada snow melt brought plentiful waters to California's agricultural heartland and a certain sense of entitlement."

That's all I'm giving you. For the meaning of this Pedantic Moment, you'll have to tune in when Dimland Radio returns.

I will let you know when the show is back. Stayed tuned.

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