dimland radio 2-27-16 show notes

It's Not True: Detroit Woman Did Not Have 14th Child By 14th Different Man

This is going to come a shock to some of you, but there are sites on the internet that make stuff up. World News Daily Report is one of them. If people knew that, they wouldn't have credulously shared the story of a Detroit woman giving birth to her 14th child by a 14th father. The article makes up the idea that she now holds the world's record for having the most children each by a different father.

The picture of the happy parents is actually the proud parents of the first child born in a Connecticut town in 2015. Snopes.com sniffed this one out.

Snopes has done the internet further great service by providing a list of websites whose "news" articles everyone should be wary of. So has Doubtful News.

I Bought A Suit

I have reached the ripe old age of 51 without having ever owned a suit. Well, there was that one a friend give me, but it didn't fit, so I never wore it. That makes the suit I bought a couple weeks ago my first official suit.

I was asked what was the occasion. No, occasion. I just thought it was time. We had money from the tax refund, so I bought one. A little more expensive than I had hoped, but what are ya gonna do?

I went over to my folks' house to show it off. I told Mom and Dad, since I figured they wouldn't see it at their funerals, I had better show them now.

Such a good son.
And, no, it's not one of those fashion forward suits. This one fits.
Almost lifelike!
Let's Talk About Teeth
There's a TV ad for a clinic that does dental implants. I have nothing against the idea of dental implants. I know they are spendy, but for some they are a better solution than dentures.

What I noticed about this ad, and I'm sorry I couldn't find a clip of it to link to, was 1) the late 50s/early 60s aged woman looked as though teeth weren't her only implants (ahem). 2) She had just a hint of a lisp. And 3) the teeth were unnaturally white.

I know it's just me, but there is something wrong with teeth being that white.

I also told a couple of tales about my mother and her dentures. Both might be embarrassing for her, especially the story about my friend mishearing what Mom said about when her teeth went bad, so don't tell her I told you. Let's keep it just between us.

Raven Symone Might Be Unclear On Something

Raven Symone, one of the hosts of The View, is holding up a long standing tradition of celebrities threatening to leave the country if the wrong person becomes President. However, she didn't quite get it right. She's threatened to move to Canada if a Republican gets nominated.

Uhh, Raven? There will be a Republican nominated. That's what happens in the Presidential election process. I guess Canada better make some room.

However, I'm going to assume Raven meant she'd leave if a Republican gets elected.

Couldn't one of the other hosts have corrected her on this? Sure they could, but none did.
Movie Recommendation: Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Caliber Media Company
This Western slash Horror film slipped by barely noticed last year. It should have been noticed, I think. It's pretty good. It stars Kurt Russell as the aged, but still sharp sheriff of the small town of Bright Hope from which three people had been abducted by a very secretive, primal, brutal clan of Native Americans. This clan had been content to keep to themselves when two bandits stumbled through their sacred burial land.

One of the bandits (David Arquette) escaped to Bright Hope and ends up in a jail cell with one of the sheriff's bullets in his leg. He and two others are abducted. The sheriff heads after accompanied by his back-up deputy (Richard Jenkins), the husband (Patrick Wilson) of a woman who had been taken, and the town's wealthiest and best educated man (Matthew Fox).

Be warned there are moments of brutal violence. Some is off camera, but the sounds almost make it worse than what we do see. It's still worth a watch.
Music heard on the show...

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Closing song: 'Angler's Treble Hook' by $5 Fiddle

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